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Everglades bass report 01/28/13

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Well folks, sorry for not posting a report in a bit. Seems like I'm never home anymore. But when I am , I try to make the most of it. I had the pleasure to take a couple of charters and a few friends out to the Everglades for some Bass fishing. Right now till about the end of March I'll be concentrating on these types of trips. With the water levels dropping in a hurry, the fish are staging in the deeper pockets of water, and canals. It's mainly an early morning, late afternoon bite. Arti's seem to taking fish whether deep or up against cover. The numbers are crazy, with trips boating over 100 bass and probably 100 monster bluegills too. If that ain't being over run by superior numbers...just ask one of my "sore-armed" clients...lol. Anyways we took some pics for yous to check out. Thanks for taking the time to read our report.












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Capt. Tony, Thanks for the report. I'll bet those bass fight like crazy in the warm FL waters.

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