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Ipad Chartplotter


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Here are a few pics of downloaded Garmin Chartplotter software ($40) on my Ipad with cellular and GPS capabilities. A relatively inexpensive alternative to the dedicated chart plotters. St. Clair River and southern Lake Huron.


Zooming in.


Zooming in a little more.


An icon of a boat would normally be centred on the page but my Ipad is at home approx. 50 miles from the water.

What do you think?

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looks great! I did not know Garmin had an app, I'm going to have to check it out.

I have been using Navionic's Iphone app the year or so and feel it does a decent job as a back up to a back up. It has its pros and cons. it has also come in handy while fishing on other boats. i can mark waypoints and take them back to my own boat with me.

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The pictures posted here don't really show the great clarity on the ipad itself. I think Garmin started distributing this app during December 2012. There also is another Garmin weather app ($4) that I downloaded. You can layer it on top of the Chartplotter. You have to have wifi or your cellular data plan activated. Many marinas , your favorite coffee spots etc. have wifi.

A free app is Active Sailor with a great deal of free boater info. All the information is entered by boaters themselves. Marinas, fuel, dockage, hazards, etc. Just like the Garmin maps you download all the info to your computer. If you find something new of interest or that is not accurate, you can change it.


Just tap on an icon and the info pops up.


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After you asked, I bit!

I bought it for my iPhone yesterday and the little I was able to play with it on my couch I really like it. It seems the same as the screen shots from the iPad. The only downside is the small screen on the phone. I am interested to see how it compares to my Navionics app once I can get on the water.

I did also purchase the weather ad on to the Garmin. Not sure if it was worth it or not since I have about 10 other radar apps on my phone but we will see!

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