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  1. Maybe Hummingbird might have an explanation.
  2. Hi Ron I've been to Wisconsin and very much enjoyed the area. Haven't fished there yet. Being from Ontario Canada the rules are different. Not entirely sure but I think we are only allowed 4 hooks per line and max 2 lines/rods per person. Our limits may differ from yours also. Strange thing is we may be fishing in the boat next to yours and the numbers game is different. Thanks for the info. I to will be making a larger spread, within limits. Patio:D
  3. Hello Ron from the island I was up your way last month fishing for trout/steelhead in the Manitou River. We soon discovered how ill equipt we were for this sort of fishing. Now we have a couple of float rods and reels to order in addition to our boat equipment. The weather was a little of everything, snow , rain and sunshine. Trout were being caught with roe, but nothing for me. What part of the Island are you from?
  4. This is exactly the kind of information I have been looking for. I'm new to boating and fishing. It can be over whelming with all the different advice/opinions. A couple of new reels ,rods and my wife and I are good to go. Thanks again
  5. Hello Buster 107 We have the same boat. Mine is a 1995 221V. I have been thinking about a rocket launcher also. Here is one that I like. http://www.fishonsports.com/140propackage.html Let us know of your decision. I'm in the process of overhauling the trailer. Keep posting. Patio
  6. The pictures posted here don't really show the great clarity on the ipad itself. I think Garmin started distributing this app during December 2012. There also is another Garmin weather app ($4) that I downloaded. You can layer it on top of the Chartplotter. You have to have wifi or your cellular data plan activated. Many marinas , your favorite coffee spots etc. have wifi. A free app is Active Sailor with a great deal of free boater info. All the information is entered by boaters themselves. Marinas, fuel, dockage, hazards, etc. Just like the Garmin maps you download all the info to your computer. If you find something new of interest or that is not accurate, you can change it. Just tap on an icon and the info pops up. .g
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