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Hello All,

Beth wanted to go fishing for her birthday so we checked the the weather report. Forecast called for cloudy skies and flat seas. Awesome. So yesterday (Tuesday 10-22) we hooked up the boat and left Lansing for Muskegon and Lake Michigan. Launched at Fisherman's Landing (lane #3 is the only good one) at 10:00 and made our way across Muskegon Lake by 10:45.

As we went through the channel we marked a lot of fish but we wanted to get out there. Cleared the pier heads around 11:00 and into 58 degree clean water with waves less than 1 foot. Super flat. Beautiful and no other boats to be seen.

Watched the sonar as we headed straight out to the nets in 80'. Didn't see any much there so we kept on out to 225' where we started seeing a few marks down 30'. Steelies we thought. Downriggers set at 30' and 50' back 40' and 20', braded dipsies (size #1 no rings set on 3) back 65 and 85, 150' (30#) and 225' (45#) coppers. All with spoons.

Fished for half hour and the 150 copper got hit hard but came unbuttoned. Beth was excited to have one on for a while. Nothing for the next 2 hours. Kept an eye on the Sirius weather radar because ugly weather was on the way. It was nice while it lasted. Pulled lines at 2:00 and hauled ass back to the launch. Just got the tie downs on when it started raining big time.

Gonna be a long winter.

Dennis & Beth

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I have to pull the boat this weekend. Sounds like Fishermans landing is the place to get her on the trailer
Fisherman's has several lanes blocked off due to broken concrete. They dumped gravel into lane #2 and it is too shallow for an inboard prop. :no:

#3 is the one we used with no problems. Lane counts are left to right from shore.

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