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New to this site, but recognise many names from GLA and michigan sportsman.

I'll have to get some better pics as I had poor photography conditions when I took these.

Early and late season, or calm days, and my 90% solo fishing rig, the Porcupine.

1997 Starcraft 14' LW

15 horse Mariner

Garmin 160 blue, find the fish

Lowrance GPS

Garmin handheld GPS

Uniden Marine Radio

Raymarine tiller autopilot(sadly needs repair)

Gets it name from my rod storage up front, I can store up to nine rods on the front seat(7 bow side, 2 aft). Two penn long arms and four tite lok adjustables do most of the work, and planer rods are run off the front rod holders. Can run six lines easily, and have ran 8 (2 rigger, 2 dipsy, 4 cores) before with no issue on calm days and two riders.



Our Big Rig, Sundance. Dads pride and joy, and slowly getting adapted more towards fishing and less cruising. Awesome classic fishing boat with a deep cockpit, classy too with lots of teak. Radar arch and rocket launcher set up planned for spring of 2013.

1979 25 foot Cruisers Gran Bateau

228 Mercruiser 305 IO

Pretty much all the same electronics as the little boat.

Typical current setup is the four tite lok rod holders and penn long arms serving double duty between the boats. Mounted on tite lok tracks. Two big jon corner riggers point off the back.


New canvas in 07 with the addition of a drop curtain setup, worth every penny!


We fish out of Muskegon, if you see us give a shout! I'll get some better pics next trip out.

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Thought I'd update with some new pictures. We added a Fish on Sports Arch this spring to the Sundance. Absolutely LOVE it! I'll be adding four to six more rod holders this winter to be able to run more planer boards. The best part is we can use the cabin again now that the unused rods have a place to go lol. Now what to add next spring...hmmm....Auto Pilot sounds nice, new fancy chart plotter would be good... Depth Raider is the realistic next move I think.




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Quick question for y'all now that I'm getting the boat together for the season. I want to add a couple more rod holder's to the sides of the arch for multiple planers a side.

Would you order more adjustable holders or more stationary holders. I'm kind of torn between the two, but I do like that the stationary arnt as long and won't be as high for the short crew. Sure I can mount them wherever, but to go multiple on the adjustables the top one still ends up pretty high.

Adjustable open and closed, and stationary. Thanks for your opinion.




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