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Fall lure program


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My program has been shut down for the last few weeks. I typicall run 5 rods. DR1 10' off bottom with big paddle and fly 15' behind ball. DR2 usually a clean spoon 15 to 20ft higher than DR1 and 20' behind ball. Wire dipsy with attractor and fly...usually 150-200 back. Braid dipsy with a spoon 180 back and a 150 copper with jplug down the shoot.

I tweek it a little as we go with no luck. Taking 3 kids this afternoon and would like to have a little success again.....any idea what i've got messed up so bad?

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Don't know what port your fishing out of but it is Sept there are fish in the rivers and the big fish in the lake are hanging on the temp breaks waiting to join them. So they are not feeding as much as they get ready to spawn and die. For me late August and beyond means 2 options fight the boats and slow bite in close for big fish or run west and find the scum line or a decent temp break and hammer Steelhead. The Steelhead are my favorite so they usually get my vote.

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