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Just wanted to say I've appreciated the warm welcome I've received from Mike and a bunch of you other guys since I joined this fine site the other day. After 12 years performing a labor of love as editor of Great Lakes Angler and admin of the GLAngler.com website, I am no longer affiliated with that publishing company. Can't say I received a well-cooked deal, if you get my drift, but that's all behind and it's just best to move forward. Part of that moving forward is being appointed as a moderator and given a place to start a BLOG on greatlakesfisherman.com. I'm really looking forward to it and hope you guys enjoy whatever I can put together.

A little background, I grew up in Michigan City and well remember the fanfare when people started catching salmon there in the late 1960s. I didn't get out myself until my Uncle Marty bought a boat and took me fishing when I was in high school--about 1974. Caught a dandy steelhead and was taken by the whole idea of catching beautiful big fish in a lake best known for so many silvery alewives that front loaders used to pile them on the beaches.

Too bad we don't have that problem today!

After getting a degree in journalism/communication, I started working at the hometown newspaper and was lucky enough to get the outdoor editor gig in the early '80s. I've been working in the outdoor industry since 1984, including stints in marketing for Starcraft and an agency that handled Shimano and Yamaha among other outdoor accounts. Started freelancing fulltime about 1989, got the gig at Great Lakes Angler in 2000. Now I'm back to freelancing. It wasn't entirely by choice, but now that the decision by my former boss not to bring me back has been made, it's onward and upward, making a living by writing, taking pictures and making videos in a brave, new digital world! I look forward to providing some entertainment and information to site members here--and learning a ton of stuff too.

I live in Paw Paw, Michigan if any of you guys in the area ever need three rods more from a currently boatless guy who is happy to help pay for gas! I was already in one boat that sank--what are the odds it will happen again?!


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Good Morning Dave

I must say I'm going to miss your work on the magazine. I've been a subscriber for years and always enjoyed your stuff. Wish you the very best in your new direction. Plus, can't think of a better southern Michigan place to live then the Paw Paw area. Its kind of lumpy on the big water today and yesterday so headed over to one of our numerous lakes to chase some bluegill with one of my walleye fishing friends from up in Lansing. (Bluegill taste pretty good too!)

Hope all goes well.

Paul C

Mattawan, MI

PS....enjoy Mike's site too, first place I go after email.

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Sorry to hear about the employment issue Dave. Just remember there is a reason for everything, even if we don't know what it is. I'm looking forward to the insites and information you'll be sharing with us here at GLF.

Welcome to the site Dave.

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Dave your always welcome to come up to holland and fish with me. I can always use three more rods out, and have a good time doing it. My season is done though, time to get ready for dressing in camo and sitting in a tree. You'll like it here there is a good group of guys on this board and the mods dont put up with the belittling and bickering that some of the other boards seem to have. Newbies can ask questions here and not get bashed for not knowing everyhthing. I have been at this sport a long time and always willing to learn something new or show something that i may do differently. We all started somewhere seems to be the way the guys on here think.

Sorry about the job. i went through a lay off and a tough time for over a year trying to make ends meet. It surley isnt fun. If it wasnt for some guys on here helping me out that summer i wouldnt have fished much at all as i didn't have the money to put gas in my boat to use it. They offered to take me out and whtever i could afford for gas i would give it and was told more than a few times not to even worry about it. Thats the kind of people that are on here and i am gratefull to the guys that helped me through a tough summer.

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