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Ludington 8/7/12-8/9/12

Fished Tues. evening, Wed. morning and evening and Thurs. morning. We went 7 for 9 on Tues. 9 for 12 on Wed. Morning, 12 for 15 on Wed. Evening, and my first ever limit trip yesterday a.m. we went 20 for 25. We have caught so many big fish since Tues. evening that we have run out of freezer and fridge space. Here is the break down of what has worked the best for us:

Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Flasher Fly Combo (aka: Nutzee Combo) has been anything but awesome 225 back on a high mag diver. This rig since July 21st has taken at least 50 Kings for my boat.

The second best rig has been the Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Paddle with the NBJ (nutzees big johnson) run off a 7 color. this has taken about 15 fish both kings and steelhead.

Third best has been the Ace Hi Blue Spatter Back Plugs anywhere from 65-90 down off the riggers.

There has been a few others that have also consistently produced that are worth mentioning: Green Spatter Back Ace Hi, BW Purple UV Death Meat Rig, and the Blue Spatter Back Ace Hi UV.

The week of July 21-28 we went 25 for about 32 in four trips and most fish came on the BW Rubber Poofster F/F Combo and Moonshine spoons the first part of the week. And the second half of the week the plug bite kicked in and the aforementioned Ace Hi Blue Spatter Back kicked in. Since then I have been running exclusively Plugs off the riggers and BW F/F Combos just about everywhere else.

I run three riggers, 4 dipsies, 2 300 Coppers, 1 Full Core, a 7 Color, and a 5 Color. And occasionally will run a SWR off one of my riggers.

The week of July 21st through the 28th we fished from the bathhouse to the stick and a little beyond with 110 FOW to 140 FOW being our best depth.

This week Aug. 4th-today we have fished primarily from straight out down to the 53's with anywhere from 65 FOW to 150 FOW being best.

Yesterday morning as stated above was my best trip ever on my boat. We pulled out of the harbor on a SW line and stopped in 65 FOW and trolled SW to 130 FOW and then started going in and out. Yesterday we boated our 20 fish by about 1 pm and fish hit on every rod we had in the water. It took me over 3 hours to get 8 rods in the water.

Since July 21st I have caught 95 fish in 12 trips. We have caught 11 steelhead, 3 coho, and the rest have been Kings. An average of 8 fish per trip.

This has been absolutly awesome fishing.

I can not thank my Dad, Big Weenie Tackle, Silver Addiction Charters, Wild Thing, Polecat, and Raptor Charters for providing me with valuable information and great products. And my Dad for getting me into this very addictive sport. Dad I love you.

Big Weenie products flat out kick butt. If you have not tried there stuff give them a call or visit there website I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you again to Gary and Karen for making a great product.


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