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i have a ?? about copper

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i will tell you the whole story, then ask your opinions. i spooled my diver reels with braid and didnt use any type backing. and last year i had a problem with the line slipping on the spools.

so i started to spool my 300 ft of 30 lb copper on my daiwa 47lc reels. the copper came with 300 ft of braid backing. so i was afraid it might slip on the spools. so i started out with 150 ft of 20 lb mono backing. then i stripped about 150 ft of the braid off, then tied to the mono. i got all the line on the reel but it is just about full, maby 1/8" of spool left.

im not worried about running out of line because i am using this for walleye in the central basin. so should i take the copper off and strip another 100 ft of braid off?? it would give me alittle more room at the top of the spool just in case the line built up alittle on one side while reeling it back in. or do you think 1/8" is enough space??

any comments or opinions are welcome. i have never used copper before. 300 ft is sopposed to get me down about 50 ft. then if i use a crank bait maby a rr that should give me about another 5 ft.


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any time I spool up a reel to use braid as backing, I start with 15-20 of mono. if the reel does not have a pin, I put one wrap of black electric tape around the knot.

this keeps the line from spinning on the spool. at least its been working for me.

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When you put braid on first, you either have to tape it down, or if your reel has one of those pins on the spool, then you first tie it to that.

As far as backing for walleye, cut as much off as you'd like :)

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