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My son and I fished from 6:30-9:00 off Muskegon last night.

Went 2 for 3.

Lost fish in 128 fow, green dolphin spoon, down 75 on rigger.

Caught 6# King, 125 fow, orange ladderback spoon, free slider off downrigger parked at 75'.

Caught 7# King at dusk, Shelly Snack glow spoon, 85 fow, off rigger parked at 50'.

Several boats out. Radio chatter was minimal as it seemed pretty slow for most. Beautiful night out there though, with hardly a ripple on the water.

So, they seem to be moving in a little closer and up higher in the water column.

I usually go straight out of Muskegon and haven't seen a net yet this year, but I hear there are several nets south and shallow near Mona Lake. Let's be carfeul out there.

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The nets should be marked by red, black or white flags on staffs. This usually works well if it is fairly calm out, but, when it gets rough, you might not see the flags until you are right on top of them.

There is a web site with coordinates, but that hasn't been updated since last August. www.fishdock.net

But, if you go straight out of Muskegon you should be fine.


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