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Milwaukee 09/24

Fishing close to shore again was good, was out last Thursday and banged a limit and yesterday had the weather cooperated I am confident I would have had another. Same things keep working, all riggers and a little boards. Dipsys have been dead the last few weeks. Water was high 40’s low 50’s down 30’.

Hot set up again was rotten banana pro king with both green and raspberry ladder back. Mtn dew flashers with white flies were hot as well. All three year old kings with a greaser in the mix. Took a 12# ho on Thursday. Fished north of the filter in 55-100FOW.

At around 10am the weather to the south started looking really nasty so we decided to pull lines. As we were wrapping up getting the lines pulled I noticed a water spout bearing down on us. Needless to say we hauled ass and got the hell out of the dodge. Luckily we and everyone else stayed safe, hopefully there is plenty of cold water Wednesday when I get back out there to pack the freezer for winter. The following are some pics of the water spouts. As we were heading in there were four on the ground at once, check out the size of the one on the right….



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no not at all just picked up 2 electric riggers. Was up north this last weekend , and haven't had a crew to go out when it's been calm enough. Boat is drying out from the weekend, everything was wet. Hoping to get all the rods and the riggers back on the boat, would like to get some more silver fish yet this year. What kind of prob are you running on your boat Adam?

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