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Winterizing Checklist - Sterndrives/Inboards

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It is getting near the end of the season. Here is a list of things I found to check before you put your boat away for the winter.

1. Install gas stabilizer

2. Change engine oil and filter

3. Change fuel filter

4. Drain block, manifolds, circulating pump and coolers.

5. Fill block, manifolds and circulating pump with anti-freeze.

6. Check all belts and hoses.

7. Check shift/throttle cables and settings.

8. Change gear lube.

9. Check gimbal bearing

10. Grease u-joints and gimbal bearing

11. Lube engine coupler splines

12. Check and replace anodes as needed

13. Run, decarbon and fog engine

14. Spray electrical connections with corrosion guard

15. Check steering and power trim

Please add to the list if something is missed.

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16. Remove battery, and store it in a warm location. Trickle charge it once a month.

17. Make certain the bilge and livewells are dry. Remove the hoses from the bilge and live well pumps to make sure there is no trapped water in them.

18. Jack up and block trailer to keep tires off the ground. Check tires, brakes, and bearings before Spring.

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