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Triple Double - Holland 8/27 a.m.

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Fish with a good friend (Jim), his brother-in-law (Tim), & nephew (Russel). We fished 85 - 95 FOW just south of Holland.

Soon after we set-up on a south troll, we had our 1st double: Russel -14# King on the 250' Copper & Glow Superman Spoon. Jim - 10# King on 350" Copper & Green Glow Plug.

After a long troll south, we turned around to take another long troll north. Just past the mark for the first double, we turned south and took our 2nd double: Jim - ~8# Brown on something, which I forgot with the following excitement. Me - lost the biggest fish I have ever had on a Lake MI line. DR ~65' down with Green Spinnie/Green Fly got hit and Russel grabbed the rod. He could not get the fish to slow down, so I took the rod, thinking we were "snagged" on a log or. . . After a 200" run, I got the beast to start coming to the boat. I do believe I am guilty of not letting it tire enough, though there seemed to be no more fight. When the thing got within 50' of the boat, it surfaced and it was BIG. Just as we were getting excited, SSNNAAPP!?!?!?! It was gone. It was floating on the surface with spinnie & fly, but our attempts to due a u-turn with a 8 rod spread, did not pay off)~;

After the feeble attempt to find our beast, we turn south one more time, for our 3rd double: Tim -15# King on the 250' Copper & Glow Superman Spoon.

Jim - 10# king.

Overall, very nice trip, but still upset with the Captain (me) for losing what was well over 25#. Also, 1st ever Brown for my boat and saw 2 more @ the cleaning station.


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Great Job, Yea those big ones are wierd i thought i was snagged when i hooked on few myself i got a 21 and a 24 lb in last couple weeks once they hey hit they just run like crazy than they stop but dont budge they didnt really fight after that but wouldnt move either , just gotta let em wear out and pull em in slowly like a ton of bricks

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idk why their are so many doubles this year. We had a trip this year out of ludington where we went 8 for 11 and we had 4 doubles and a triple. Never had a single. If one fish hit then another did. The only problem was that we only had 2 ppl on the boat and it was 3-4 footers and alot of boat traffic. So I had to reel all the fish in. Loosen the drag on one rod and figh tthe other one. Alot of fun when its in a 1 hour span.

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we heard you out there.

We boxed 10 Fri evening - tossed a couple greasers back and lost at least 10-12 others. Also lost a BIG one when an IDIOT crossed right across our stern and cut me off on his rigger cables. Then the fool did the same thing to the boat next to us. Wish we could have "discussed" this with him back at the dock :D

Sat morning was slower. We boxed 3 - two of them 20+ and tossed a couple back again. Once again we lost a lot of hook ups (whats up with that ??)

Tim will have to post the details on the program....cause "I jus' drives da boat boss"

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