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Been here all week, fishing was as reported on the public reports last weekend for us too. Things picked up the last couple days. Thursday, we ran offshore to the 44's to 46's out a little south and got our limit of 10, kings, coho and 1 steelie. Spoons from half cores down to 90 ft on riggers. There have been some great numbers on a lot of boats offshore. Today, it was rought so we set up at the pier heads and hit a double, ended up 11 for 15, let one go for 2 of us in the boat, had 2 doubles and a triple, that was fun. It was reg, moonshines and a new spoon, a yeck verdict, was hot on half cores. We stayed inside within a mile of the pier. A lot of fish in there now. Cold water. I'm letting the members know here but hope you'll respect I'm not putting it on the public forum.

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Here's more details on the program, 3 riggers down 21 to 28 ft with 100 ft leads, regular moonshines mean green, night crawler and dancing anchovie. Hi diver out 75 ft with a silver streak yellow tail and another out 65ft with a mag moonshine NBK. 2 half cores with yeck verdicts. Had a couple spin doctors and plugs out at times and they didn't take a hit. Later we put out a yeck lemon ice on one of the halfs and it took one. Supposed to be windy and rough tomorrow. Good luck!

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Thanks for the intel Ed. Put it to use the last few days. Some charters on clear on out to the 50 w line taking fish. Riggers 28-100 with 50-60 doing the most damage, half cores hot, 200,250,300 32# CU, wires hi 130 lows 85. Took 34 fish in three trips. Had a tough time keeping htem hooked up on Wed or that number would be higher!...LOTS of nice cohos 6-10#ers too...Im love me some coho candy baby!!!

Mod Blue Dolphin and Blue Dolphin glow back best spoons w/pearl yellowtail and NBK nipping at their heels. Grave digger was awesome on a 250 CU. Blue bubble BTI and meat rig on the low was pretty steady. Thanks again bud.

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