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Muskegon 8.8.11 PM 3 for 5

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Decided to ignore the radar and setup in 80 FOW at around 5 PM and trolled out to 190 FOW before anything went. Missed our two fish out there on SS smurf regular fixed 20' above the ball that was 70' down and on a SS Kevorkian regular on a 7 color core. On the troll back in, Nitro NBK down 40' on the rigger took a 17 lb. king in 180 FOW. Then had a double in 100'. One on wire diver on 2.5, 120' back tipped with a regular Moonshine Raspberry Carbon and the other on 250' 45# copper with regular blue/green dolphin spoon. 2.8 GPS speed. All fish again had empty stomachs.


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thanks mark,

we went 2 for 3 ,2 hits 130fow caught 1 both 50 down on moonshine sarge and one in 100 fow 130 back on 2.5 on the dipsey(LARGE RING) with a stinger NBK. 15 and 10 pounds

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