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Erieau this weekend

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Hey guys, been meaning to write more on this site but time and being busy has kept me from that. anyways i want to thank everyone for the thank you's on the win in the ludington tourney. Anyways I was just part of a very good fishing team and we were well organized and stayed out of the booze for most of the weekend. I was just 1/4 of the team and it took everyone doing their part. I'm heading to Erieau Saturday afternoon and planning on fishing saturday night and sunday morning and maybe get back next week sometime. Thats all after the thumb steelhards organize a free kids fishing day out of harbor beach where 15-20 boats donate the day to take kids fishing. Cross your fingers and hope the seas are calm and the fish are biting this weekend. will update you monday how the weekend went. tight lines everyone!


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Saturday morning we left the marina at 7am and i was the fortunate one having 4 kids on my boat. They all had a blast and all got the chance to reel in fish. I also want to say I didnt have to run in and out with sick kids as some boats had too. The conditions were pretty nice. 1-2 from what seemed like multiple directions all morning wasn't that fun to find a consistent trolling direction. We went straight out and to the north in 100f.o.w and did most of our damage in 125fow. Blades with spinners on the bottom took 4 lakers, average was 6-7lbs. Took a steelie on a 300 copper with a NBK. Salmon on dypsy 120 back, orange crush gold stinger, and a brown trout 10 colors off a mixed veggie stinger. all in all 7 fish, we only lost one, a steelie on a 3 color that did a few dance moves and said bye bye but the kids talked about that one, the one that got away the rest of the morning. Back in by 1030, put the boat on the trailer, had lunch and on the road by 1230 for erieau. only a 3 hour drive, after a few stops and crossing the bridge we got their by 4pm, got adam and nick their licenses. Guy suggested we only get the one day since sunday forecast didnt look good and boy was he right. Launched the boat and ran some 8 miles east and caught 9 walleye, 2 steelhead, 1 king, 1 jumbo perch, and only if i was counting the sheephead, but i would say 20 was on the low end. 40 purple jets back 150 were the best with a gold and red stinger with black dots. It got beat up really bad. i wish i would have done a before and after shot of this spoon. the one by the end of the night had no paint and was bent every which way but still continued to take fish. we lost a few good steelies that never hooked up good on sliders. knowing the forecast for sunday we stayed out later than i wanted and hit the launch at 11pm. the lake was really humping at this point from the southwest as we could only do 12-14 miles into a dark abyss. that was really draining. got in though with no huge problems and had a molly burger and a few cold ones and hoped the wind god would be kind the following morning, which he wasn't so we had a nice relaxing day, slept in and walked around the town in the morning and left by 11am. thought it would be a good idea to take the ferry back across in marine city because we heard horror stories about long waits at the bridge to get back into our own county. go figure. anyways the ferry was the way to go. we drove right on and right off with no issues and back in harbor beach by 3pm. maybe going back at the end of this week weather permitting.

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