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Safety first

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If you have Auto inflating life jackets check the charge to ensure its good. Make sure you radio is getting a good signal from your gps . Make sure your MMSI number is installed on you radio. Check your flares they expire and you can get sited for expired ones. Have your boat inspected by the coast guard. I didn't have a firstaid kit last year , needed one after the inspection . cut deep by fishing line that night. Its not required but you should have one.

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Just a heads up, I heard that the CG might be banning the 12 gauge fired pistol flares. They are considered a weapon. I know that charter captains can't use them. If they do go that route you might be able to carry one with a CCW. Just something to think about when you are buying flares this year.

They tried to do this in the 80s also and coulnd't get it passed. I hope to God that they can't get it passed again. The hand held pop flares suck. They are not as bright and dont get nearly as high in the air.

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