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Best spring lures

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What are you best producing spring coho and brown lures and on what?

Last year our best were as follows:

Boards- Rapala X-raps in orange, and of course Brad's Thin Fish in Red Tiger

Dipsies- Small chorome Lure Jensen dodger and purple peanut, and small Stinger Sidekick with purple and black peanut

Riggers- Northport Nailers in any orange/green combo, and Stinger Coyotes

2008, as I recall, most of our coho came on boards running mono. Jointed Rapalas, Brad's Thin Fish, Junior Thundersticks and X-raps took most of the fish. The Thin Fish definately out-produced everything else though that year! Brown's on floating Rapalas in rainbow trout and gold/black.

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