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WTB Old Berkley Frenzy Clown

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Mike, Clown patterns have worked well for me in early spring fishing. In the 80s we ran a lot of Hot-N-Tots on the Saginaw Bay. One thing we soon realized, was the ones with the red diving lips did better than the others. We painted a lot of the lips red, and even used magic markers on some. We had one minnow type lure with the red head we nicknamed the "Dog D--k":). What I'm getting at, I think the red head is the key. You may be able to find a similar lure and doctor it up. :)

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Hey Frank,

ditto on the early spring fishing.

I have more than a few clown body baits of all brands. Tho none that have worked for me as good as the old berkley's on one INLAND lake inparticular (wich is really the reason im looking for these). stinks they quit making them.

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I know you want these so I thought I would give you a heads. I would say it will go a lot higher than it is now, but maybe you'll get lucky.

Let me know if you win. Don't forget about me if you find a fair deal on some of the other colors/patterns. I can't afford Ebay.


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