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Penn GT2

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I have 2 of the Penn GT2 330. One is two years old the other 1 year old. I like them a lot. I use them for lead core. The drags are very nice and they seem to be holding up well. I also have a GT2 320 I use for 5 color. So far so good.

PENN 320 GT2 LC x2 for me. Good solid reels with no problems first year. Clickers are real loud and strong. Nice feel to the crank handle.

You have to engage the spool manually. According to PENN they have a 12 lb. drag.

Used for leadcore this year and will switch to wire for next season. They are more money than some Okuma reels but I think they are worth it!

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Penn's have always been decent reels. Even their inexpensive 209s have decent drags and hold up well to heavy use.

Frank, I am living proof of that. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

30 years ago my first reels were PENN 209s and then I thought I upgraded to Daiwa Sealines. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Since then I have bought into this Okuma advertising, but now find my way back to PENN. ;)

For casting I have one Daiwa Millionaire and two Abu Garcia 6500 C3 reels. Both models have performed well for me for close to 10 years!! ;) ;)

Back when I first started, PENN and others were made in the US. Today sadly they are all made overseas. :mad: :mad:

I will be purchasing more PENNs when I need more reels, for sure!! ;):)

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