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Trolling Speed


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A Little Of Both Some Spoons That Are Very Lite Only Troll At Very Slow Speeds Andthe Heavier Ones Like Dream Weavers A Little Faster But This Also Gos By Under Currents And Direction Of Troll But There Is A Book Thatcan Help Out With This It Is Called Persicion Trolling Technique

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it is pretty much all trial and error. It all depends on how much bend is in the spoon and the weight has something to do with it. However, I can troll my stinger spoons every bit as fast as the dreamweavers. Most of it has to do with the sape and the cup the spoon has in it's curves.

Toss it over the side of the boat and see if it spins out or not. Or another tell tail sign is if you have major line twist when you retrieve a spoon from a rigger or a dipsy...although if you have good swivels that won't be a good tell tail.

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