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Website Issue - Pages Loading Slow


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The fixes you sent me have helped a ton. I'm not sure why things went haywire. It was reminding me of my days with dial up. :lol: I don't ever want to go back there.:) Things were great until just a few days ago. I'm glad things are back to normal. THANKS:)

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I forgot about another bit of code I had in the footer template that may have been causing the issue. I had a line of code from quantcast that tracked the amount of traffic on the site. Its possible, this was messing up and causing the issue.

I just(now) removed this code from the footer template.

Let me know if there anyone expierences any issues.

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Mike, the site works great for me.

Ara is a computer genious, ill let him know to check back here unless he has already done so via PM or something.

I already received a PM from him. :thumb:

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