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More Poop Plant walleyes.

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Wulp, trolling the mouth of the river this morning in that 25+ NW wind was a nightmare. Especially when by yourself like I was. Got a sheepshead on lead core on the first pass. Tough trying to play him in and not run over the one In-Line I put out on the same side. But then a walleye hits this In-Line and things really got messed up. The fierce wind blew the boat over the In-Line board. And the line and the fish got tangled in the coupler tube of my Jet Drive. The walleye hung there for almost 15 minutes while I drifted and tried to get the mess un-done. But he finally got off.

So I headed up-river and across from the Independence bridge launch. Caught a nice 23 incher on the first pass and hit 2 more in the next 30 minutes. Biggest mistake was catching one right in front of the south side ramp. The next 5 boats to launch started trolling right there. Moved up river as far as the Z-Bridge but caught nothing from several of the better places. Moved back down to the Vets launch and hit one before the bridge. Then caught a monster White bass, then lost my very last #5 firetiger Shad Rap. Decided to call her a day. Met the brother pulling out and gave him all my fish, as he only had one that he to caught by the Poop Plant as well. Felt good to get out by myself for a while and listen to the quiet for a few hours. :grin:



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