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Set lines at 7:30 in 100 fow about 5 miles north of the pier worked out to 130 then back in to 90, both north and south trolls worked, off the water at 11:30. Went 5 for seven. 3 nice kings, 11-18 lbs., one steelhead and one laker. here's how it went:

1. 11 lb. king on half core, stinger coyote

2. 18 lb. king on wire dipsy, geen spinny and green strong fly

3. Steelhead on 300 ft. copper, DW glow easter egg.

4. Lost ? on full core, stinger monkeyshine

5. Lost ? on half core, stinger coyote

6. Laker on full core, stinger monkeyshine.

7. 15 lb. king on 300 ft. copper, DW glow easter egg.

Sorry no pics, try to get them up in the next couple days.

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