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Lead Core River Walleyes.

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Wulp, Got a call from the Gatorbait this morning wanting to try some of his new Lead Core Rigs out on the Saginaw River fish. We decided we'd troll form the Smith Park Ramp to the Mouth and if nothing hit, we'd pull the core and keep right on sailing out to 17 FOW on the east side of the Center Spark Plug. Well, we never left the river and had us a ball. 8 to 15 FOW. 2 1/2 colors going with the current and 3 1/2 going against it. Trolling 2.3 GPS with current and 1.9 against. Most fish came on #5 Firetiger and Silver/Blue/Orange Belly Shad Raps with the core, and a few on Thunderstick Juniors running in-line boards, 40 back on shalllow side 55 back on channel side. How many you ask? We stopped counting at 6. Lots of monster Sheepies as well. Hanging onto the core rods, adjusting and just keeping them ticking bottom, and feeling those thunderbolt hits was prety damn cool. :grin:






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