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Just carrying this post over from another that kinda got off track.

Right here in munising is the best part of lake superior....there are some areas on the north shore that rival it, but i think we have it hands down. Your wife is really going to love the pictured rocks and all around grand island. You might want to think about checking out stannard rock while you are here for the trout though. It is about 50 miles one way trip but they are all native lake trout....none of these fats! If you are not familiar with "the rock" check this out. It is pretty neat....can not even see land while there. Definately have to pick you days though! Been some rough rides back from the rock and it isnt any fun!



Here is a pic of the hog caught this past Wednesday at "The Rock"...and to be honest this size fish is not that out of the ordinary for those who brave Gitche Gumee


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This group just posted some video on youtube of the skim ice they had to break through to get there. These guys are hardcore...there are still some BIG icebergs floating around out there!!

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Fish like this one are usually just a lot of weight...not much fight! The fish up to 8-10lbs out at stannard are decent fighters & good eaters. We just usually jig with light tackle which makes it interesting. Trolling out there is no fun cause they just bloat up and die. We also cast wobblers in the shallows (15'-20') right up on the rock more towards july-august and you will see 25 trout following your spoon and land one just about every cast!! Not even comparable to the fight of a salmon though.

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