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  1. Look into a Controll King throttle controller. It saved my sanity! I can adjust the speed in ONE TENTH OF A MILE PER HOUR increments with this thing...I also have the factory Honda control box at the helm.The Controll King does NOT interfere with the normal operation of the kicker! It was roughly $180. Worth it!!!
  2. Thanks guys. The people that owned it since new were divers...She's had alot of TLC. I put all the gear on and the Honda. The honda is the sweetest piece of equipment on the boat (almost!) ...power tilt, ConTROLL King. E-Z Steer....works great!
  3. Isn't one of the Ten Commandments "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's BOAT?" WOW! I am green with envy !!!! Beautiful ride! I want one.....
  4. She's a '84 Cruisers Holiday 25. 260 Mercruiser, 20hp Honda.
  5. I posted this on the biggest laker forum also. It's a 31#er I caught out of the Duluth (Mn.) harbor entrance a few years back when I first got started trolling.
  6. Heres a 31#er that I caught out of the Duluth entry in about 2001. My 17' Larson w/ a 120 i/o Mercruiser, a bunch of mis-matched junk equipment. True beginners luck! That fish has since cost me about 40 grand!! Gotta love it....
  7. Here's a 34# laker from Isle Royale last August(09)
  8. A 34# beast from Isle Royale last Aug (09)
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