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Welcome Joe. Let us know if we can help in any way.:)

I fish mostly out of AuGres on the Saginaw Bay, in my 22 ft Starcraft Islander Hardtop. I have traded a couple of trips and get over to Lake Michigan a few times a year.:)


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Welcome aboard Joel. I just got back from the Grand Rapids Ultimate Sport Show. man am I geeked about spring.

I fish out of Muskegon.

If you need anything, let out a shout.

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welcome joe.

Are u a duck hunter as well? i duck hunt about 50 times a season and look to trade a couple of hunts every now and then. i lease about 1,000 acres every year off rt. 2 near jerusalem township. let me know if you want to hook up on a trade. I carry five final approach blinds, 12 dozen field decoys and a whole bunch of other crap. which all taht might be null and void if your not a duck hunter but by looking at your user name i';m assoming u are. let me know.


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