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Walleye Express

Group get together a success.

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My little fishing board ran our first get together today on the Saginaw River and heres a few pictures and the results.

Well folks, our first ever get together is over. I think everybody had a good time. Nobody went home empty handed with all the freebies me and Larry were able to come up with from some of our sponsors and my own garage sale items I gathered up. One couple/team seemed luckier then the rest. Bay Dog and Cat Lady took first place money with total inches measured. Of course Cat lady caught 2 flatheads that together were a little over 60 inches, which started them out with 60 points in the all-species category. Then they fallowed that with winning the raffle for the tackle box that had some other goodies inside. My partner Chamook and I took Big Bass honors with a 17.50 incher I caught. Bob had the hot walleye hand, but could only managed to catch one keeper that was right on the 15 inch mark. That was toped by a 19.50 incher caught by board member (b4any) who's team took that prize money home. Small Sheeps head went to Jim Hert and partner, as I believe did smallest White Bass. I'd have all the numbers, but I walked out of Famous Daves and left the score sheets on the table in the resturant. :eek::no: Hears all the pictures.








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Heres the post and the pictures Cat Lady posted this morning on our site.

Good job Dan putting on a great and fun tournament. We not only had the usual fun fishing but the gathering afterwards at Famous Dave's and putting names and faces together was great. Promise no thread will be put in the tackle box that we won. Not only did these 2 Flatheads help us win a category but Lonnie and I found out they meet the master angler requirements. :grin:

29.50" Flathead


34" Flathead


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