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New video show with Hunt Fish TV

Willie Bee

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We just finished shooting another salmon show with Hunt Fish TV and with the slower fish action this year and the weather working against us we still pulled out some exciting action and again a few surprises. The show should air in 2 weeks and you can go to ther website at www.huntfishtv.com to see the many channels it's broadcast on or after the TV airings it will be available to download. When the link is ready I'll update this post.

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We have a celebrity on the site. That's a good show you put on.:) I viewed it early in the morning, and those commercials made me hungry.:lol: Very interesting on the pump handle set ups. It's good to see that you are not dropping the weights. The price of lead is on the rise.:) I gathered that you run 8, 10, and 12 ounce weights, up to 3 lines to the side on the big boards. Maybe you could expand on this setup a little, and show us your rigging techniques. I may just have to send a big board out on the port side and give this technique a whirl next year. Those lines must be almost vertical off the planer tow line. How tight do you run the boards to the boat? There must be a pretty good belly in the tow line. We need to pick your brain on this technique. Do you also incorporate Dipsys in the spread? I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed this years show. You may want to go to my website at www.williebeecharters.com and click on the video section to see last years show, I have a few more shots of the pumphandle system we are running. We can't drop any weights in WI and I'm trying to get to the desired depths with the least amount of weight to provide better fish fighting action. The spread consists of 3 pumps out each side on the big planer boards, 2 out the back, and 1 off each side on the outriggers, for a total of 10. We then add 4 downriggers and if there is a spoon bite we run sliders on the side downriggers. We didn't use the dipseys much this year, but we would try them off the side of the boat if we hear they are producing from other boats. You can get very percise with putting lures in a zone with this method, but you need to use identically set up poles to duplicate the action on all poles. The boards I use, we designed from a combination of designs from other boards and added modifications to fit my boat. The boards have very little sag in the line even when we run upto 4 lines or run some dipseys off them. I generally run the boards out 130-140 feet off each side, some boats are streaching the 250+ feet per side mark, but you need to have a clear path and plan for limited manuverability. The lines are not vertical at the 2.7 to 3.4 knot speeds we troll at with flasher flies, but when we run plugs or spoons on the pumps they could be slowed to run vertically if you desired to do so.

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