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  1. After a long cold winter filled with new experiences (more to come on that in a bit) and lots of school I was able to get the big ride out of storage and go searching for some fish this weekend. Friday I was lucky enough to fish with Dave the proud owner "Eyecracker" a great fishing set up that absolutely fly's across the water. There is something about an 18' boat with a 175 HP motor that inspires awe in any fisherman. I saw 51 MPH for the first time on open water!! That was impressive and a bit scary! Fishing was decent as we picked our way to 7 fish and lost a handful of others. All in all it was a great day! The spoils of our work were 6 healthy Lake Michigan trout. Saturday Morning was spent with the Killin' it Crew. After a short technical difficulty we were outside the piers to find 10-15 boats south of Holland so in typical Killin' it fashion we went North! Again the fish gods were on our side!! Sunday Morning with a small craft advisory and 25 knot winds from the east we ventured out again and headed south... The fish gods did not reward us with browns, but did give us a wonderful spring king! All in all a wonderful weekend on the water with great friends. Thanks Dave, Larry, Austin, and John for quality time on the water!
  2. We had 43 degree water and ended w 7 ... Just south of Ps
  3. I have one on my pro line and love it.... Just saying...
  4. Fishing has sucked in all the Channels with all the added pressure!
  5. I have used it Rob, just like any other lead core.
  6. Just a reminder.... This Saturday!!! Come dressed as a clown, I will give you a free gift!
  7. Chrome with UV tape with yellow dots. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/chrome-uv-crush-yellow-dot/ This one is also good... http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/icee/
  8. Closer SD with proctologist fly 11" white paddle with poofster fly 11" uv fish scale proctologist fly
  9. Russ, I am kinda disappointed to not see good old RED HEAD in your video... Your video did hit it on the head though, you put out the size 4 and it will slay fish and size 5 will ride all day and not take hits. Our best plug ALL season was #4 red head on a 300 copper.
  10. Sup buddy welcome to the drama free board. Dave Ash
  11. All convector on my boat.... Won't use anything else for kings.
  12. State Farm covers hitting sand bars;)
  13. Guys, I need your help!! A very close family friends father passed away and there 4 acre yard needs brush hogged. If you or anyone you know can help. I would do anything I can to repay you. Thanks, Dave
  14. woot for a 1 fish day!!! We had good food on board! Great job to everyone that caught fish today. Keep spreading the word with friends guys. Our turn outs have been getting better and better!! Also guys take the time to send Silver streak a quick note telling them your appreciation for throwing in some goodies for these events. They have been a long time supporter of this event and have always helped without question. Even better go down and pick up a couple of their spoons:)
  15. N II Deep Lotion show Joe Sanders Nailer? November Squawle Killin’ it (If the boat starts) Ben'din Rods Dr. Hook Sparky 30 Holland Pipper Outta The Woods Littlebuck Ty One On Dirty Dog Amateur Hour King Possible
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