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  1. Loco's are the whip:) Still use them off the piers and catch alot of fish with them
  2. your right most guys do not follow the rules... I have a big flag.. extra lights.... and if it gets to bad a goby slingshot! So I finally got some time to work on the boat today free of distractions. I was not sure if i wanted to mount the rod holders on the boat by myself so I mounted them to the crate (now just to secure the crate). Still need to make some leashes for the rods and such, and give it a test run...
  3. So here is the deal... I am not going to lie that half the fun is fishing the big lake in the kayak. other boats or not, I have all the saftey gear as well as am visible 360 degrees. If one of the big boats runs me down then it was my time to go but karma is a bad bad thing. Now saying that.. I am not stupid enough to be in front of the heads during the weeknds, as well as to be trolling the channel on the weeknds. I plan on staying to the N or S of the pier heads other then to get out. It comes down to the law really... Kayaks have the right of way. If someone runs me down they coastguard/sheriff will know the boat name and description. Welcome to felonious assault charges. .
  4. You should come down to holland Ice we have a small fleet of kayak guys... I can't wait to see the looks from the king boats. Last time we went out for perch the perch guys looked at us like we were crazy!!
  5. I am all about trying it in GH this year boats or no... I am going to try a bit of everything and going to land a big king. If you see me out there feel free to wave and say hi... BTW I can fit the kings on the boat a 14 foot kayak has alot of room;)
  6. So some of you might know me from the pier forums, but I have upgraded..... to a kayak;) How does everyone do on tots on the skinny water .. IE 40 FOW or closer, Not sure if i want to go out much past that. I know they work around the pier heads but should I stick with that a bit farther out or use spoons/j plugs?
  7. Been getting a few steel on Agent orange moonshines... It has been hit or miss... We had 2 solid weeks of steel head fishing off the piers around the 4th but its slowed back down.
  8. Not a board, but someone in a boat returned my bobber to me after i broke off a steel this morning on the pier.. nice fella. I know the bobber costs a lot less but still thats my lucky pink bobber! Hint hint... to were the fish are at btw;)
  9. Randy, can you pm me some info on that;)
  10. Hey the bait is in and a few fish are around... just thought I would pass it along.
  11. 1-5 in a few hours tonight.. some steel are coming early mornings:)
  12. Pier fishing has been a joke so far this year 2 good days then a big fat noting
  13. Its still slow.. wish I had something good to say about it. Went to ludington this weekend and went 0-2 both hits came on moonshine jigging spoons. Hopefully it picks up soon
  14. I have been ch ecked 3 times this year by 3 different CO'S I knew 2 of them and then there was the young thunder cat that really was looking to catch me doing something wrong... O h well all in a days work I guess.
  15. Fishing has been terrible all week.. 1 fish a day out of 30+ guys and warm water I am headed to Ludington tonight, RAIN or shine:)
  16. When I get my disposable from pier fishing developed I will post the 20# I got a couple weeks ago.
  17. They are around holland ALL THE TIME... I got checked a few times in one day jigging for drum on the wall by 4 differnt CO'S. Everything was in order so no worries. All nice, no issues.
  18. Lol. last time i fished with you the cooler had more fish.... Phil are you sick?? great job:)
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