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  1. Ya second that, $150 sounds about right
  2. I had a beat up fly one day and a blue/glow squid. Stuck the fly head up inside the squid body and rigged it up. Worked well and one of those tricks to pull out when fishing slows.
  3. Priority1, I use a wide heavy rubber band on my nets. The kind that they use to hold fresh broccoli together at the market. Just slide it onto the end of the handle and push the net bag into it. I like it better than a release, I can hold more of the bag in it.
  4. Straight out the back unless the fish has other ideas then I take it where I can.
  5. Diamond hook sharpener. I think Normark makes it.? Look in Cabelas magazine or on their website.
  6. Caz and others, Why do you tie your flies on the heads? Have you found it works better than others or do you just like the way the flies look?
  7. I would be in for this also. Just a suggestion; the tip of the Thumb ports will give you a shot at Walleye and Silver.
  8. The ski type vest jackets are fine if they have the extra flotation up at the rear of the neck. I believe this style is a type II according to the USCG. It is a law in Michigan that any children under 7 years have a type II PFD on while boating. The "horseshoe" style that are orange typically are a type II also. They lack the strap that will keep them from slipping out of it though. Check the children's weight also so you can make sure the vest is rated for their poundage. This has a lot to do with how bouyant it will keep them. Mustang survival makes some real nice ones designed for children. Stearns also has some nice type II PFDs. Boaters world carries a good selection of both brands.
  9. 9'-6" work real nice for dipsies. The little extra stiffness is needed for the pull of the diver. These bigger rods work good for boards too but I prefer a shorter 7' stiffer rod.
  10. You need to get patten rights on it and find a company who will license the idea and product from you. Get ready to lay out some major $$$. Patent lawyers and marketing companies cost a lot. I have looked into this a little bit on some of my own ideas. You can check here franklinforge.com Good luck!
  11. Welcome to the site! You'll find some good info here.
  12. Seems like Huron may be comming back a little. Heard some reports of good silver being taken in lower and mid part. Not up to LM standards, but got to start somewhere:)
  13. Mark, What color dipsies are you running? Do you put a good stagger on them in the water column? I have had good luck with smaller lighter spoons behind dipsies in the past. I see that you are from Honor. Do you fish only Frankfort or do you trailer? Ever fish up in Glen Arbor out near Pyramid?
  14. I write the # of colors right on the reel plate with a contrasting color marker.
  15. Seemed to do best on the regular MI stingers.
  16. Man that is some crazy stuff! Hope those guys get tons.
  17. How much did you run it in the 2006 season? If you ran a full season on it is probably should be changed out. Just because the outer shield looks good doesn't mean that the inside "lead core" isn't damaged. When the core breaks it rubs on the sheathing and weakens it. Sun can do alot of damage to the line as it sits out on the boat also. At minimum cut and retie all connections and add new leader.
  18. Wire is used to attach dipsies or # balls and thumper rigs to. No stretch to it and weight of the line helps achieve deeper depth. Lead is used as a weighted line and has a lure attached to it. Lead has a rise and fall effect to it when it speeds up or slows down. Basically 2 different useful presentations to use.
  19. NO. Not that great at being able to smell. If they could smell like deer I don't think you could have chance at getting them.
  20. Heavy duty net bag and a good strong handle. Those 2 pc. aluminum adjustables look like they would bend with a 20#er in it.
  21. Yes. Never do it again. Lost 2 nice fish that way. You have 300+ feet of line straight out behind the boat. Way to much for a fish to run into. Maybe if the beam of your boat is 10' plus.
  22. That doesn't look like any 270 Sundancer I have seen. Not doubting you but the back end is set up very nice for fishing. Is it a special model or some major customizing?
  23. How did everyone do this past weekend? Not the best duck hunting weather for sure but we did manage a few. 3 wood ducks opening morning 1 nice big dake woodie and 2 giant geese Sunday afternoon. Good luck the rest of the season. The best is yet to come.
  24. Just been a funny wind for that side of the bay this year. I think the Bay has plenty of water with the rains and all. Saginaw bay is very "tidal" and a hard wind in an East or West direction will literally drop the water down in feet of depth on one shore or the other. The Fish Point area of the bay is also a big sand flat area which doesn't help when the water blows out. Anyone planning on a trip to Saginaw Bay for hunting should always be aware of wind directon and what it is doing to the water depth.
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