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  1. Thanks for the question Mike. I have wondered the same thing about the size of fall lures. We went out Friday afternoon to 150 fow and never marked a thing. Skunked! Thanks Captain Jon, I'll put away the stingrays till next summer.
  2. Thanks Frank. They are definately cheaper than the heavy duty ones. I appreciate this site!
  3. Hi guys, I am preparing to purchase some rod holders. I need a pair for each side of the boat. I will be running divers and boards off of them. Big jon has heavy duty and apparently a lighter duty version of the pair of holders. I also like bert's. What are your thoughts? As much money as there is to spend in this sport, I want to make good decisions as I outfit this boat. Tight lines to all
  4. Hi Redeye, Happy to hear you got some fish on the 23rd. Good job. Hey I have seen the abbreviation NBK several times on the site, but being a newcomer, I am unfamiliar with it. I have looked through every spoon made by Mi Stinger, but still don't see it. What is it? Thanks,
  5. Thanks Dan for a much needed post.
  6. Captain Jon, Wasn't the water a bit choppy last weekend? I stayed home from the reports I heard. Am I listening to the wrong reports?
  7. CAC


    I have a friend who has been begging me for 3 years to come out and remove some coyotes from their property. She complains about their howling keeping her awake. Time to zero the .223 scope again. . . as soon as the fishing dies to a crawl. Last evening in Muskegon we went 0 for 1 in 45 fow on a J-Plug south of the pier. I didn't hear much braggin on the radio either.
  8. Thanks for the report. I really appreciate your thoroughness. I hope to get out this Monday, late afternoon. I don't look forward to the parking lot you described. I will get out in deeper water too. My downrigger bases finally arrived Friday, but I won't have them installed till next week. Then the serious fishing begins. The threads on this site have been so helpful in my neophyte education process. I appreciated your encouragement to get on other boats to learn in this way. I would like to do that some before next summer. Tight lines to all
  9. At the risk of throwing additional fuel on this burning debate - Wouldn't a treble hook that typically has two of the three hooks imbedded, result in less opening of the hole and more successful landing of fish? Thanks to all for the helpful info in this debate. As a newcomer I have learned important concepts as a result.
  10. It seems more logical to me when trolling to leave the drags set fairly firm. The fish hooks itself pretty well with sharp hooks. I sharpen hooks frequently and have found it to increase my catch rate in all kinds of fishing. Why would you not want the drags firm?
  11. Here's a question other newcomers may be interested in: What reels are recommended for downriggers and topwater lures for steelhead? Can I get away with Penn 209 and 309s? Do I need line counters for those applications? Lastly, Does anyone have reels they would like to sell in order to buy better ones for themselves? Good luck to all on the water this weekend. I won't be able to get back out for about a month.
  12. Thanks Mike, One embarrassing correction to make to my entry. When I looked closer at the picture I see that it was a King that I caught, not a laker. Anyway, I take seriously the word of caution on the lead core. It got a little tight out toward the net on Saturday. I hope to be a part of the stinger challenge next year. It looked like a lot of fun for you guys.
  13. Thanks to great advice found all over this site I caught my first fish from my own boat Saturday morning out of Muskegon. I took a lake trout on 5 colors in 50 fow on a dark blue dreamweaver at 8:00 am. I am waiting for my mounts for downriggers and dipsey diver rod holders. They should be in this week. In any case, thanks to you all for the assistance. I hope to bring more good news to the site in three weeks. Yes, vacation was planned at a bad time, but who can say no to the Rockies. Clyde
  14. Yeah, great job on those early morning kings. Redeye is right. If I lived in Muskegon, I would definitely get out more frequently. He is lucky in my book. Hey, how early does the state park open for launches? I want to get out early this Saturday. Tight lines to all
  15. Thanks guys. I am working out the options. The dipseys are out until my sturdy base for the rod holders comes from Lund. Two of my rods are 9 foot 6 Firewolf and I think are made for the dipseys. I like minnow's idea until I have the boat more adequately equipped.
  16. Hi guys, I am just getting started on the big lake, having fished addictively since I could hold a rod. I purchased a 16 1/2 foot Lund with a 60hp 4 stroke that I hope will take me out in the late summer and in the spring. For now however, if I only have three rods, how would you recommend me setting them up? I do not have a downrigger yet. I may have one by the weekend. Clyde
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