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  1. We were out Sat evening fished 80-120, heared on radio the water temp was 69 frm top to 110 ft deep, with no temp break.. started marking fish towards dark right at bottom in 115. no takers.
  2. How was the surface temps out their, i went with my Dad in the pm fri. and ran out to 115ft, it sure was cooled out their, we were straight out west of the channel. I guess i need a temp probe:thumb:
  3. I didn't go this morning but I'll be going with michael today, and tommorrow.

  4. if you go today good luck, ill be fricken workin.............

  5. And then you woke-up frm your dream....

  6. I was really livin the dream yesterday down at the community pool. Just me the boys and about 15 hot women in bikini's. (And I mean hot!) Even saw a few cougars! Livin the dream.

  7. well, ill be up their over the holiday weekend, il let you now how i do. nice catch...
  8. Scotty, "livin the dream" with the wife and the boys outside your apartment, with lawn chairs, sucken down some miller lites, while the boys feed the ducks. Scott im jealous.. enjoy the dream....

  9. Did you troll in the passage or go out past the light house, i always stayed between the first and second green bouy, 120-130 ft of water...
  10. Welcome back to the internet highway...

  11. Nice job, its great having your own stuff and boat.... great odds on the fish...
  12. Salmon are getting to be more like walleye fishing... nice job.
  13. Going tonight and Friday morning, Big ones must be deeper. Going out of Muskegon will give report Fri. night. Good luck to all that go...
  14. Me and Bluefin started out in 130ft and went out to 145ft, all ower fish came in the last hour of light. 2 fish came on rigger 85 down in 130ft ladderback green glow j-plug, 1 came on dipsey set at 200 green fish catcher fly, and the other came on rigger down 90ft in 120ft green ladder back glow spoon. Green was hot for us last night... lot of deep fish we marked....
  15. :rolleyes:i didnt know a knock of was not counted as a missed fish, next time i guess a shaker and no one home is more approriate.
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