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  1. We had to work but we managed to get a 2 person limit. The pace picked right up after 2:00 when there was some wind and ripples on the lake. Gold/red Chevron thin fin and a Demon scatter rap shad 55 from the board was the ticket for us! A ways South of Palisades to a little North. Worked the inside trough back and forth.
  2. I had a mid 80's 40hp Johnson with the vro pump. I had the vro pump removed and replaced with a regular fuel pump and mixed my gas.
  3. It was bumpy Saturday! I managed to go 3 for 5 on a solo trip running the shoreline from port sheldon past M45. SLOW ride back!!! Landed 2 steelhead and a 9 in salmon. Smash shad metallic rainbow long lined 65 back took two hits only landed one. Metallic silver red head herringbone mag lip 3.5 30ft back took one fish. Mad clown mag lip 3.5 25ft took two hits. All in all I can't complain. Getting to fish the big pond in December was nice!
  4. Haven't targeted Lake Trout with them but, they work great for Steelhead!
  5. I have used the 8.5ft medium action wilderness rods with power pro 30 for a few years. They have worked well for me. Very easy to read the tips when small fish are on. I have only used the regular dipseys though. Not sure how they would work with the mags. Planning on switching to 9.5ft MH rods over the winter and running mags next year. Can't beat them for the price.
  6. Managed to go 3 for 5. 2 steelhead and a coho. 120-125 FOW. Speed at the ball was 2.7-3.0 mph. NE and SW troll caught fish. 150 cu mag mixed veggie - coho 5 color JJ special - steelhead 3 color mag yager bomb - steelhead DR 40 down meat rig? SWR UV mag blue dolphin?
  7. Make sure all the connections are good, positive and negative side. Perform a"volt drop test" through the entire circuit. (Google it). Key switch to the starter. As well as the big power cables from battery to the starter. Doesn't hurt do test the amp draw as well.
  8. Had a short trip. Fished from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Went 2 for 2 on steelhead. Fish came on a 3 color lead core with a gold double orange crush SS. SE and NW troll between 50 and 60 ft. 2.7-3.1 sog.
  9. Its finally going to happen. Hat Trick is in!
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