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  1. I can pick my cannon balls up on my graph. Have you tried playing with your settings to see if your graph will?
  2. Can't make the first event but planning on fishing the rest!!
  3. Dick's sporting goods has buy one get one 50 percent off okuma 300ft copper set ups this week. Can always cut one down to a 200ft and make another 100ft. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=55201086&cp=4406646.4413993.4414792.23087286.28824266 Also check out http://bloodruntackle.com/shop/shop/copper-fishing-line-wire-trolling/pre-spooled-okuma-convector-copper.html You can pick what length and pound copper. They will be on the new 55CV high speed reels. Not promoting just options
  4. Check this one out. http://www.westmarine.com/buy/simrad--ap24-autopilot-for-cable-steered-boats--14077911
  5. May 16th is the Steelheaders Challenge in Holland.
  6. They are trying to figure it out themselves. I will post how when they announce it. Might help to find them on Facebook if your in to that.
  7. If our page hits 500 likes by Sunday at 9pm, we will randomly draw someone for this package from Big Weenie Brand. This is just a very small sample of the things we will be doing thanks to our great sponsors. Keep your eyes open for the full list of our sponsors coming soon. But for now we would like to thank Big Weenie Brand for their great products and support. Please remember to share our page as well as our sponsors pages. https://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Michigan-Fishing-Seminar-Series/1041722002511438
  8. Weigh one man limit of all species plus ten points per fish?
  9. Shotgun start with in a 1/4 mile from pier head. Fish out of the same port. I think three events at each port evens the playing field.
  10. Sounds like fun! How many events are in the planning?
  11. I guess the other part would be what kind of reels? Has anyone used the Okuma Cold Water series? I like the looks of them but wondering if there is a better reel for the money.
  12. Thanks for the input. This has made my decision much easier.
  13. Looking to purchase four wire set ups. Two mags and two regular dipseys. Looking for advice on rod lengths. All four the same length or 7 footers inside and 9 footers outside? Thanks
  14. I have the humminbird 899ci hd combo and I love it! Here is the link to the manuals for humminbird products. They explain all the different sonar beams in detail. http://www.humminbird.com/Category/Support/Product-Manuals/
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