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  1. Day one... fished down by saugie feo 90ft to 120. 13-20....missed the kings early and had four small ones by 10:00.Decided to switch to a trout program and took 9 in the next two hours most of them on a rigger bouncing botton with a spin n glow. Finished with 45# on 5 fish for 23rd place. Good day of fishing but dissapointed in our weight. Day two...ran north and fished 90-150...8-9. 3 on meat rigs. Wire diver and 450 copper. 15# 20# 10#. One 12# on 300 copper with 2 color lead green plug. 63# and finished 16th. Good two days of fishing with my dad and brothers. Nicely run tournament with great food...also congrats to kevin from strike zone on ur third place finish and pullin 6 kings over 20# in two days.
  2. Ugh... if your planning on swimming......yaaaaeeee.....if uwanna catch fish full of mud.
  3. For running copper or lead we tie an 8 feet or so mono segment...i think 30# between the copper or lead. And the backing. We then switch the front pinch on the board 180 degrees so its facing towards the board and clip it to the mono segment. The results are that the board never comes unhooked or slides.
  4. Short trip due to grabbing coppet rods and getting electric shocks. Got lines set in 80 fow trolling north. Turned southwest and had 4 rods fire. 400 copper white sp spinny purple uv meat head was a 12# pound laker,300 copper with mag uv mixed veggie was a 15# king. Misses on wire diver white spinny green bead mirage and light tackle rigger down 75. Congrats to Pier Addiction on 1st place in ludington and maatley crew with 5TH place. Way to represent Holland guys!
  5. 80-85 fow, north troll. 7-11. 5 kings 2 steehead. 2 steelies on 250 copper with blue dolphin uv. 400 copper uv paddle ,uv meat head 1 king. 150 copper purple plug 13# king. 300 30# copper mixed veggie uv 12# king. Rigger 65 down mixed veggie 1 king. And the big one of the night 300 30# copper blue dolphin 23# king. Lots of bait and good temp. Pictures at wild at Heart fishing team page on Facebook.
  6. Want to give a big thank to Russ from Sam-n-I for the tow last night. For a guy to leave good fishing in holland and run 5 miles north of port sheldon was very genorous while accepting repay not in cash but a tow when he needs one. THANK YOU! Also thanks to Tim Hearn for pullin his boat down to Port sheldon and grabbin us at the pierheads. Also Jim Bobber and T.J. for offering assistance. As for the fishing, 80-100, 2-8 by 7:45pm. Wire divers back 150 with whitw spinny pm fly went 5 time. Thanks guys.
  7. We fished that water 3 times in the last two weeks and took 27 fish but only 2 were kings, 14# and2#. Sounds like ther starting to show up. What size were your kings?
  8. Nice work kev. Heard the trout were straight out of holland and south
  9. Seemed slower today since we probably over shot the grease comin out of holland this morning. 6-13, 80-100ft. South troll took all bites. High divers set 60-80 back with orange flasher and peanut flys took 4 coho. 300 30# copper had two bites one small king on blue dolphin uv. 400 copper two bites with uv slick crushed ice and uv meat head. One trout on trash can sng. Two bites on low divers with dodgers and sng. Good job FBD on your fish,
  10. Good work! The four silver's......kings? Coho? Steel?.....size? Just wonderin.
  11. Did you mark bait or fish in 80-100 down there?
  12. For pics visit wild at heart fishing team page on facebook.
  13. 6 fo6 was with three steelies small sheepies and the biggest white bass ive seen. Only one spot in the mud were we hooked steelies so that died down pretty quick.
  14. Thanks... heard rumors that they may of hammered some kings in south haven.
  15. These fish you speak of....what species might they be?
  16. 10-11. Fished piers for steelies right away and took 3-8# steelies a couples sheeps and a white bass. Headed out to85-95 two miles south and worked a north troll back past the ball with a laker program. Took 4 trout 7-10# and one 17# on two riggers set to drag on the bottom. Trash cans and spin n glows white with red dots took all fish. Also took a 14# king and a 5# coho on 300 30# copper agent orange moonshine. Lots of bait and speed at the ball 1.6-2.2 wither slower being better.
  17. Glad u made it back in. We were in a 20ft century and was rocking pretty good. Never went on plane and decided to turn around,not worth it. They should of never let the boats untie from the dock and gone under delay. They saved face by canceling. Didn't see any close calls but knew all it takes is a second for things to go wrong. Once again glad u made it in safe.
  18. Tons of bait in front tuesday night,but.......,couldnt keep the sheepies off our baits.
  19. Good job kev. Appreciate the info saturday, it was driving us nuts when you were hooking those fish, everytime we were gonna pull lines and run in there we would hook one or two fish. We got four in ther this morning. 2 -15# kings alittle brown and coho. Spinniees and paddles were the only thing that got bit
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