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  1. 5-7 sunday morning. 2-4 in the lake and 3-3 in the channel. 4 kings 12-15# and a coho. Set-ups were ace high lucky charms and green lightning on 2 and 3 color, yellow lightning 55 back on wire diver and blu ladderback down 10 on a rigger.
  2. Good job keg. Moved in tighter to shore after talking to you and it was one after another
  3. Fished south haven from 6:00 to 8:00. Started in front and got one right away then headed south and found them tight too shore in 8-15 tow. Speed was 2.2 to2.4. All the usual cohos killers. Ended 17-19. Everything ran fine so off to the brown blast Saturday.
  4. We used to fish 3-4 pro -ams a year but now we do1 maybe 2. We always do the big red in holland. I love fishing these events especially when our crew is all family. Last couple years we got married,more hours,house payments so its tough to find the time. I love fishing the one day tournaments too. The steelheaders put on two good ones. If anyone wants to prove themselves or have fun the Mich challenge in may is low entry...80 bucks? And the payout for first is 2500. Also the kids and kings is one of my favorites.
  5. Now that the big kings are up river I was wondering about the numbers of 20# fish that fisherman on this site caught this year. For us it took quite a while to get our first....but we took 9-10. 7 of them came on boards and. 2 on riggers (both in front of the pierheads) and one i cant account for. Hottest on the boards was plugs. Half core, 300 45# copper and 300 30# copper with two colors of leadcore with a blue ladderback plug took 4 with one at 26#. Our biggest 26/half in the channel on a white paddle green fly. Wonderin how other guys ended up?????
  6. It was actually a fishing a fishing report.....till the complaining started......i havent heard anything goin on,dont know anyone who has been out, if i hear anything ill post back on your thread. I have enjoyed reading your channel reports.....thanks.
  7. Probably had 20 bites on the boards out of 38 in the last 3 trips with most comin on orange and gold jointed rapalas. For better hook ups with the rapalas remove front hook and use bigger size trebles in the back.
  8. Thanks jwheeler...thought i would get too 1000 views before someone said good job or thanks for the report.
  9. I agree with FBD...first on the list would be the boats not knowing what they are doing.....last would be how guys are catching their fish. 9 times out of 10 the guys pulling boards have a good idea of whays goin in....example(always knew where FBD was going most boats unpredictable). Also would bet 9 outta 10 that have planer board issues dont even combat fish
  10. Took 9 of our fish on boards in two days. 4 on rigs and divers. One tangl with another boat that was our fault in 8 hrs of fishing. They were HOTTT.
  11. Saw you over by the rocks couldnt figure out what was goin on. We did hook down rigger cable twice in the channel.
  12. If people could see that your divers and slide divers were set on 3-5 you probably woudnt make any friends. LOL. Lots of times our boards were 6-8 ft away from the boat. The boards are orange and really stand out though.
  13. The frustating part for us was that guys were trolling fast on the way in and slow on the way out. Had to pass a few boats when we were heading west.
  14. Never had to in muskegon. Always been riggers and divers up there. Holland channel gets less traffic. When u can run boards you do. When theres no room or no need for running the we dont. Id much rather catch them on rigs and divers.....but not scared to run them when their HOTTT. Just have to be prepared to lose stuff.
  15. Friday night went 8-10 with 4 kings. 1@20#... two cats and two walleyes @7# and 10#. All fish came in the channel from big red and mac. Blue and green plugs on riggers and orange jointed rapalas on two and three colors. Thanks for tip FBD. Saturday morning went 9/14 withe 150#. Started out front and went 6-8 then got the rest in the channel. Same plugs on riggers in the lake. Boards pulling 2,3 colors and 75 copper on fire. All boards late. Divers back 40 mountain dew spin doctor. Biggest 23 and 20. Hooked a spin doctor in the channel with a 25-28# king attached to it but missed it with the net. If you dont run boards in tight combat fishing....you should....hottest rods all weekend.
  16. I would definitely say run ur boards. We run two unless its too tight. Have a guy at each side of the boat paying attention. 3 colors were the hottest rod the other night. Dipseys on 3 40- 65 out. Plugs off the rigger 20-40 ft back. If u watch what ur dping and know where ur baits are running u can get away with more than the average troller. Follow formation and pay attention to where the bites r coming. Tuesday ...the second we got into the lake we looked for the first chance to turn back into the channel. Middle of the channel 20-80 yards in was hot.
  17. Holland channel. Best set ups last night were....chute rigger down 15-18 ft...12-15 ft behind ball with big white crushed on both sides paddle with green and yellow homemade fly 3x 26# king.. Orange jointed rapala on 3 color 5x. Braid diver bac 40 on 3 5x mountain dew spinny same homemade fly. Leads on the plugs 20-100 ft depending on traffic.
  18. 3-14. 1 sheep 2 kings. Lost 20# plus king at the back of boat. landed a 26# and a 17#. White paddle green fly 3x. Orange jointed 6x. Spinnies and plugs for the rest.
  19. Had that happen twice in the big red classic. 20# king reelin in a meat rig as fast as a could on copper. Then a 17# on the other side. Probably should troll alittle faster
  20. Ran to the grand haven piers from port sheldon. 2-4 in the mud and river. 15# king on halfcore ace high yelliw plug. 1 small king on 75 copper green plug and 2 more rips on same set up. Slow in the mud so ran out too 90-100 and went 3-4 with a 10# 16# and 23# king on 300 30# copper green plug, 3 color lucky charms plug and 5 color ace high green and yellow. Tag teamed the 23# with my 9 year old nephew. At the end of the night we gotto repay our debt of being towed in last month by towing in a buddy of ours.
  21. 90 feet of water straight out to a touch south out of port sheldon
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