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  1. Set up in 80 ft, with 116-165 being our best depth. Ended 4-6, all kings: 21lbs, 19lbs, 17lbs, 15lbs. All of our fished seemed to come high in the water column. Here's what worked: Ace Hi 5 Silverhorde j plugs, orange glow and white glow took 2 before 7:30. The other 2 came on spoons, blue ladder back Moonshine and double orange crush on the free slider. j plugs were both on lead- full core and 4 color. Spoons were on riggers. Great morning to be out. We really have been spoiled by this weather lately.
  2. Dang I may need to dig the blueberry muffin back out retirement!
  3. The current sure is terrible right now. We tangled a full core, mono rigger line and braid dipsy on Saturday, so I feel your pain.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies and tips guys. Sounds like I am doing everything correcty then. I do enjoy the fight!
  5. I finally got a smart phone so I just posted pictures.
  6. One question with the big fish though is, is there a way to get these fish to the boat faster? Is there a different reel that would help with this? We run mostly Penn 209's, which are very dependable, but not very high speed. Does a higher speed reel make a difference?
  7. I would agree, our 2 19lbers yesterday came on flasher/fly combos.
  8. Finished 6-7. Dipsey 115 back with orange carbon moonshine took 2. 2 19lb kings on white paddle with white mirage teaser on rigger, 1 when it was down 75 down in 95 fow and 1 in 200 fow when in was down 115. Those fish did not come in easy. 1 14lb laker on Carmel dolphin when pulling lines. I forget what the other king came on. Great day to be on the water. Get out there guys they are biting!
  9. Great work! I was thinking of fishing out of Muskegon this weekend, but now I am not sure.
  10. Don, nice work! I am headed to Muskegon on Friday. Where are the nets?
  11. Great work Jimmy! Looks like the white paddle/green fly combo and glow fire dog spoon will have to make their way back out. Any size to those kings? Where are you getting your meat for your rigs?
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