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  1. Gotta go with the Okumas. They are the only reel I run on ANY of my rods. I use the Magda Pro's for my riggers and have switched my lead and my dipsy reels to the Convector series. Should have my rigger reels all switched of to the Convector series by next spring as well.
  2. Took the Willy-Dilly out last night in rougher seas than expected. 3ft rollers with the occasional 4 footer kept us inside of 100ft of water. Picked up 1 nice 12 lb Coho on a Mandarin Minnow in 82 ft of water, 45 down on a west to east troll. Had one other release on the same rod about 30 minutes later and that was it. Still, considering the conditions, not a horrible night at all!
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