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  1. It's a week late, but here it is. We went up last weekend out of Geneva. Headed west about 7-8 miles. Trolled in 47-50FOW. Only one eye and several farm animals. Marked lots of fish, just no cooperative fish.
  2. Okay lets get this party started. It's been a while since a post for Ohio Erie was put on here. Has anyone gone up this year? How are you doing? If the weather holds up, I'll be launching out of Geneva this Sun. I'll have a report good or bad coming up. Good luck to all and be safe.
  3. Had a great year in Ohio and West Virginia. The first deer was an almost perfect 8, but he had one tine broke. It was taken on a controlled hunt at a Army National Guard base in Ravenna, Ohio. It field dressed in at 151lbs. The ODNR guy aged it at an unbelievable 2.5 years old. The second deer was an 8pt from WV. It was my son's first deer hunt. It field dressed in at 125lbs
  4. That was awful nice of that person to do that. Then to take nothing for it to boot! Hope you get back on the water soon. I went out of Ashtabula 06 SEPT 09 to the 08/47 line and got our 2 man ticket. Thew action was great in the morning and it died of in the afternoon.
  5. Good job! I gave up on the eyes for a bit and started perching. Went out of Ashtabula yesterday in 58 FOW and got two tickets. Started to knocking off the third one and it was getting pretty ruff so we called it quits. I'll try for walleyes this Friday if the weather cooperates.
  6. Go with the vinyl. The carpet is a pain. It retains fish slim, dirt, and other nasty stuff. At the end of the day, all you do is hose off the vinyl.
  7. That is the only thing that I can figure out. It applies for hunting, so why not the fish. I agree, the weather is going to screw up everything this weekend. We have a small craft advisory so I already cancelled tomorrow. ARRRGGGHHHH!
  8. Here's a crazy idea. All species need food, cover, space, and habitat in order to survive. Obviously, the water space and habitat are there. What about food? Since the majority of us us spoons and with the abundance of the water fleas, and the hook fleas, do you think that the fish really do not care for our presentations? Perhaps they are getting their fill on the fleas? Remember how tough it is to fish when the mayflies hatch, or when other species are in abundance?
  9. I've run both black, and chrome with no significant difference. The fish don't really care IMHO.
  10. Glad to hear they made it our way. I have been on vacation so I haven't been out in two weeks. Hopefully if the weather holds out I'll be up there Fri/Sat.
  11. I just sent my LMS332C back for repairs. It was blowing fuses and would keep re-starting itself. Then it stopped working all together. Good luck with Lowrance's customer services. It took me three days to finally get through with almost an hour wait each time.
  12. Thanks. It is slow going in our neck of the woods right now. Not a whole lot of action going on. Hopefully I'll have some better reports in the next few weeks coming up.
  13. Went out of Geneva Sunday around 0730 (got a late start). Lake was absolutely beautiful. Started to mark fish around 48 FOW with a lot of bait marks, and fish setting right on the bottom in the mud. There were a lot of fish. Had 2 dipsies port & starboard @ 0 settings running from 65-80 w/small spoons, rigger set down to 47 with gulp worm harness, planers w/jets two 30's ands 1 20 jet. They were set back from 130-150. Speed was from 1.7-2-3 MPH. We only caught 5 decent sized eyes, and had one come unbuttoned behind the boat. We used all colors, all small spoons, but orange caught the most. We kept circling the area from 48-51 FOW but had no takers. We ended up leaving a little early, but it was going slow pickings so I didn't mind heading back in.
  14. Thanks. Everything I'm hearing is that people are trolling a little bit deeper and not doing well. Good luck and let us know how you do.
  15. Anyone hit Geneva, or Ashtabula yet? I'm dusting off the boat and I'll be starting in Geneva next weekend.
  16. Leave the braid on for your dipsys. Mono has to much stretch and it will be difficult to trip your dipsys with mono.
  17. I am looking for a walleye charter(s) that could accommodate disabled fisherman. Does anyone know of any in from the Geneva to Conneaut area? This is a pet project I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am contacting a veterans association and I am going to try to get several disabled vets out for a day of fishing. So far my group of choice is the Wounded Warrior Project. But I want to see if there is anyone that could take this guy/gals out. I'm looking for a boat that has electric reels and or the feasibility to accommodate wheelchairs. And also if anyone has any experience in this please contact me via PM. Thanks in advance. Jess
  18. The Taxidermist did a outstanding job with your trophy. Looks very nice.
  19. To feed off of EdBs response. Here is a tip for finding cracks in your guides. Use a Q-tip and run it around your rod eyes. If there is a crack, the cotton fibers will stick to it.
  20. Could you post the link?
  21. Excuse my ignorance. What state are hunting in? Is it shotgun or muzzleloader. Whatever your using, it must be nice to have a season that early.
  22. Jason, if the weather coooperates I'll be out Sunday. I'm on 68. I'll switch over and give you a shout. Good luck
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