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  1. Will my Wife made it home from her short military deployment. So that means I'm back on the water. I haven't had the opportunity to go for about three weeks now. I'm taking a buddy from work in the morning and I am anxious to get back out. Any body having any luck. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are these still available? If so, any idea what the shipping would be to zip code 44446. I would be interested in one if shipping is not to high. Thanks. .......................................................................... Will give you a call late this afternoon.
  3. AWESOME catch! I cannot make it this weekend. So I am going nuts Good luck if you make it back out.
  4. Good job! We are heading out in a few minutes. Hope we do as well this morning.
  5. Thanks, I'll have to look for it this weekend.
  6. You wouldn't happened to have the GPS coordinates for this area do you. I looked on a map and the closest thing I could find for an area like that is close to Erie, Pa. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sounds like you had fun. Maybe I'll have to take a little extra trip over to Conny!
  8. My boat and screen are the same "Toxic". I have a 21' Trophy. I'll be back up this weekend and I'm sure I'll see you up there again.
  9. Ray, I passed you up on the river wen you were waiting for the bridge to go up. I saw the boat and I just looked at the aurora lights web page and saw it was your boat. The you passed us as I was trailering at Jacks. Good job on the fish!
  10. Should have called. I am on 14 or 66. And yes I was around the stack area about 3-4 miles out. We thought about going out deeper but we were marking fish in that area so we tried it out. How deep were you at?
  11. We didn't do great but had a great time doing so. We started out trolling at 60 FOW going west to east with dipsy w/stinger spoons. Dipsey set @ 3.5 outside and 1.5 inside. My rigger was @45 FOW. Speed was 2.3-2.5. The fish were scattered everywhere. So we kept adjusting our depth deep as 180 to 80. We ended up with 7 walleye, 2 steelies, tons of whitebass and a few sheephead. The wind started out from the south changed from the east then northeast to back to east.
  12. I bought some stuff from West Marine one time that worked pretty good. I believe it was called Mildew Remover. It took all of it off for me.
  13. Well, whatever it is the fish are definitely scattered. A guy at work went on a charter from Geneva Friday morning and they were home by 10:30. They were in 42 FOW. My nephew's buddy limited out in 39 FOW. Sunday we didn't mark fish until we hit the high 40's to low 50's mark. We did not see the big schools like two weeks ago. And we also hit a lot of steelies Sunday. I guess that is why it is called fishing, not catching!
  14. Last month I started putting together a fish cleaning table. A couple of you had some great comments on it. Well here are the pictures of the completed table. I was giving the stainless steel table, and faucet, by two co-workers. And my fishing buddy Murphy gave me the hose and electrical conduit. I bought the bar sink , and a outlet and weatherproof outlet cover and a 25' extension cord for the electric fillet knives. I also bought locking caster wheels for it. The caster allow me to place the table wherever I want it at. The table has a drawer to keep all the supplies we need like paper towels, zip lock bags, hand soap, knives, gloves etc. The hose under the sink allows me clean fish in the driveway and the water runs off into the yard. I put in a quick connector for the water supply hook up. There is a pull spray hose on the table to clean up afterwards. The table will also double as a picnic prep table. With the electric hook up we can plug in crock pots, electric skillets or what ever.
  15. Another factor I did not think of was my buddy brought some of his spoons out with us. I switched all my spoons over Daiichi size 2 red treble hooks. Since I did that, I have not lost any fish. He has the original treble hooks on his gear. The majority of the fish were on his spoons that we lost. I think we lost one fish off of my stingers. Were gong back up Sat morning weather permitting. I work Friday night so I'll give you a call for a report Sat morning. Thanks.
  16. We launched at 6:30am and went to east in the 40 FOW mark and found no significant numbers of fish. So we headed to the 60 FOW mark and searched with no luck. So we went back in to the 48-52 FOW and we started to mark fish. We set up with four dipsys at 3.5 and 1.5. Line out varied from 65-110. We caught fish at all depths. Trolling speed was 2.5mph. We used a variety of spoon colors. It seemed like perch was the best. The fish were really sporadic. One here, one there. We ended up with 6 walleyes and 4 steelhead. We lost as many fish we kept for some reason. I tried a new brand of snubbers out and I wonder if it had to do with anything. I have never lost that many fish in one day:confused:. One steelhead is wearing a nice stinger lip jewelery. Those things hit hard! Not a great day in all but it was fun. Ray, we were going to hit your numbers but it didn't look all that great in the morining so we didn't try it out. Thanks for the tip though.
  17. Great job! The NOAA weather looks great so far, if it holds up we'll be there Sunday. My buddy went out also Sat, he didn't do as well. He only got 6 eyes pretty close to where you were.
  18. Hopefully if the weather co-operates I'll be at Lake Erie doing some Walleye population control! LOL
  19. My truck gets sucks gas when I tow my boat. From my door to Ashtabula, Ohio and back is 120 miles round trip is. So that gas bill is about 45 dollars. I usually put in 10 gallons in the boat, so that's another 30 dollars. Launch permit, and bait is a few more bucks. My buddy's are great when it comes to pitching in. We split it 3 ways as well.
  20. Check eBay all kinds of stuff on there from vinyl graphics to magnetic.
  21. Yes it is. It is a 7' stainless steel table that I added a bar sink, faucet, and sprayer with a quick hose disconnect. I have a 10' hose connected to the drain so it's drains out and away. I am also adding power for electric knives and casters for easy moving around. And the table has a drawer so I can have all my supplies at hand. Priority1, he is definitely hooked. He loves to get out with us.
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