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  1. Cool! I gave my numbers to two other guys and they both limited out. I cannot get out this weekend. The wife has Military. I plan on going out next Sunday. I hope that they are still there for us! Those storms were pretty intense yesterday, smart move heading in.
  2. Has anyone noticed that since congress started voicing that they want the troops out, the insurgencies level of violence has gone up thus putting our troops in more harms way? Politics need to stay out of the military. We have learned nothing from Vietnam. God bless our troops!
  3. My mind is my weapon. The dipsys were just tools for me to kick the walleyes butt! LOL. Dipsys outweighed my downriggers by far!
  4. Here is the picture of my buddy's son from our first trip of the year!
  5. Hello, My name is Toxic. A nickname I picked up during my 20 years in the in the Military. I hail from Northeast Ohio. I am an avid fisherman and hunter. I fish mostly Lake Erie. I have been hunting in several states, but mostly Ohio. And I have been teaching Hunters Education since 1989. Looking forward to learning new ideas and giving some of my experiences to others. I would like to ask a question? How do I post pictures? My profile said I cannot post attachments.
  6. We hit it just as we got on RT 11 south. It was a solid wall of water coming down. I couldn't even see that road. I am glad we left when we did. I forgot to mention I did catch 1 eye and a white bass on my downrigger set at 26'. We also lost 2 eyes at the boat on small stingers. That is when I switched over to the big stingers.
  7. We hit Ashtabula and headed west out of the harbor for about a mile in 45 FOW. We picked up 1 eye real quick. We were using dipsys with gold stingers. We had the outside set at 3.5 at 60 and the insides at 2.5 at 55-60. Trolling speed was at 2-2.5mph. We tried using other colors, but gold was the only thing they would hit on. We ended up with 13 eyes. The smallest was 15", the majority were between 19-22". My buddy's boy caught a real nice 27.5" eyes. Wind was from the west then it switched on us from the east and that's when the fishing died. The weather held out for us until 4. We made it in just before a big storm hit on the way home.
  8. I was doing a search for Lake Erie fishing.
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