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  1. Here is something to consider. I own a LMS332C. I was having problems with my unit locking on to satellites. On a tip from an electrician I know, I cleaned my GPS external antenna plug with vinegar and it has work flawlessly since. If I would have sent the unit in, they would have never seen the plug.
  2. Thanks, At the 08/34, how deep of water are you fishing in?
  3. I agree! Sadly though, it's not that far away:(
  4. Good job Jason. I'm getting eyes at 71-72 FOW in Bula. I don't fish out of Conny. Just curious, what was your depth at those lines? Thanks
  5. We had a great day today. I took out my buddy John, his son Chris, and his daughter Heather. Today was Chris's 15 Birthday and his second time on Erie. We went out to the 07-52 line (thanks Workdog) and set up around 8am. Ran NNE at 2.3-2.8mph. Banged 13 walleyes pretty quick and then hit a slight dry spell. Turned to the boat south and kept picking at them. Ran back into the 06 49 and picked the rest of our fish to complete 4 tickets. Our program was all dipsy and rigger. The dipsys were all over the spectrum. Our port and starboard sides @ 3.5 settings ranged from 180-220. Insides ran @ 0 settings ranging from 125-150. Had to keep raising and lowering to keep them fish interested. Also kept changing spoons out. Hot morning colors were Nascar, confused blonde, (thanks Karrans shop) Blonde chick. Afternoon spoons were silver spoons. Rigger was set at 55' and deep as 70'. I kept turning the boat and adjusting my speed. They did like the fast turns though. Took a while but we got'em all. When we got home and started to clean the fish, my old Mr. Twister knife died on me after 20+yrs of good service. This is a little late, so I hope it can help someone in the morning. Good luck out there and be safe.
  6. At least you made it out. I wussed out and I am staying home all weekend!
  7. I just ordered 5lbs of SS single strand wire and I will be using it for the first time on my boat. I'm looking forward to using it on Erie. Thanks for the reference site.
  8. Inside every Pa fisherman is an Ohio fisherman waiting to get out LOL. Good job on them walleyes. It was a ruff ride today for sure. Should have gave me a call on 68.
  9. Two days of fishing in Ashtabula and we pulled 4 guys=4 tickets Fri. and 3 guys=3 tickets on Sat. All fish were deep. Fri; Launched from Ashtabula this morning and started at 9am around the 01/53 line and trollled NE and ended up at 07 line. Ended @ approx 2 with 4 tickets for 4 guys. Also my buddy caught a monster chrome measuring in at 28.75, his first silver bullet. I thought it was going to pull his arms out of his socket lol. What luck, first chrome and it was a Fish Ohio. He was one happy camper! Had a few eyes that weren't all that big but we got some great eaters. Majority of the fish came from big chrome dipsys running deep. #3 settings 200-220 #2 165-185. A few came of the downriggers running 55-65. Chicken wing was hot for a while. Then we switched up to Super Glow Melon and what I call the "Adam" lure named after my son. It is a solid silver spoon I made. Those two spoons out fished the rest. Planer boards=zero for us today, not a single fish off of them. Sat; Got a late start this morning. I got lines wet around 8:30 and started at the 00 line NE of Ashtabula. Marks tons of fish but only hit only 2. We stuck it out until about 9:45. We moved to the 04/52 line and it was hot. We pulled a three man ticket before 12:30. Again the hot spoon was Adam's spoon. It pulled all but one of the eyes. Ez, here is a picture off it. The downrigger didn't produce like yesterday but it again pulled in the biggest eye, just shy of 28". Dipsy real deer for us today. #3 settings @222-234, #1 @175-185. Rigger set @55-65'.
  10. WOW, I'm hoping that was a misprint LOL. What area was that for?
  11. Thanks. That's not to bad of a price. I'll have to give them a call.
  12. DarkBlue, if you don't mind me asking, how much did those decals run you? And what size are they?
  13. Started out around 9ish at the 00 line straight out of Bula in 68FOW w/1-3's. We netted 5 real quick. From that point is progressively got worse by the minute. From 1-3 to 3-5 with occasional 7-8 swells rolled in. We trolled further east and picked up two more. We lost 1 around 30' behind the boat and 2 more before we even seen them. My friends son picked up a 28.5 eye Fish Ohio (his first) today and I picked up a Fish Ohio 23"sheephead. We decided to turn around and go back through. It was all over about that point. As we turned all heck broke loose and I to change my drawers once or twice LOL I called the dreaded Capt's call to head back in. We only fished 2.5 hours (all the gas up & back:(). We fished dipsy deep #3settings 210 & 195 #2 at 160 & 170. Rigger set @66FOW. Rigger took the biggest eye. Colors primarialy green or yellow copper backed. FYI-The weather bozo's should have called a Small Craft this morning. Good luck and be safe. Toxic
  14. Good job. I haven't perched in 3 years. I'll have to hit it one of these days.
  15. Great job Ray. I believe you were following me in the harbor coming in on Sunday. We ended up with 3 tickets and 1 steelhead. We started out at the 00/54 line 72 FOW. Planers with wire, and dipsys each took their toll. Board out from 200-250 with sticks. Dipsy set #3 from 180-240, #2 160-140. Fish were slow picking. We would pick up 2 and 3 here and there, no consistency. Anything green seemed to be the trick. Good luck.
  16. Ashtabula finally! Good job on the eyes. I'm hitting Geneva Sunday. I'll try Ashtabula Mon & Tue.
  17. Finally got out today. We left Geneva at 7am for a cement mixer of a day. Weather bozos at NOAA called for 1-3. Yeah right! More like 3-4 with an occasional 5-7 swell mixed in. And it is official, I barfed :eek:for the first time in my life while fishing LOL. The old man just couldn't take it any more Any way we started in 72 FOW and sailed LOL east. We had out dipsys and jets off the big boards. We banged all our fish off the dipsys and only two came of the boards. We ended up with two tickets early and we lost a few coming in. Hot color was Yellow Jacket from Steel Valley Tackle. That spoon killed them today. Our presentation had no rhyme or reason to it. All depths caught them. The dipsys on the 3.5 setting did the best out from 150 down to 185, port and starboard sides. Speed was from 2.3-2.9mph. After 2 or so it laid down a bit and I tried big boards again. We needed 6 more fish to seal the deal, but we couldn't buy a fish after that. Surprisingly we only picked up three junk fish. Good luck to you guys and be safe.
  18. Thanks guys. I was in 50 FOW running my #1's set @O and also 3 settings targeting the 30-40 FOW range. I'd have to look at my chart to find exact line out. I had my boards running deep diving reef runners w/inline weights. I had anywhere from 100-200 FOL out. I was marking lots of fish. Sounds like I was running a little to deep. Weather permitting I'll be back up this weekend and I'll take the advice.
  19. We fished Ashtabula on Sat. Just some junk fish to show for it. Radio chatter claims that jets were catching a few eyes. My luck, I only had dipsys LOL.
  20. I also like the stingers. But I don't like how the paint comes off. I am trying something different this year. I bought 25 Pro-eye spoons from Jannsnetcraft for less than 1.40 a piece, compared to 5.00 for the stingers. All I have to do is add my own rings and hooks. But for that kind of savings and with gas prices, I don't mind putting them together
  21. YEP LOL! I found out you have to pay to post in the classifieds.
  22. I answered my own question, I found out why. Nevermind!
  23. I tried to post something for sale in the sales thread. I was denied. Any reason why?
  24. Give them fish some directions to Ashtabula LOL. I'm ready to go....
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