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  1. Might be interested the weekend of July 14, Thursday through Monday. This would be for Shandee. And for people. Bob Marks, 216 292 4740 Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Last week went out four times and limited out twice. Tues. and Wed. were fantastic. Sat., the fish moved north east almost five miles. We only fished for three hours and caught half limit with two fish Ohio and one trout. Long trip out of Geneva, almost twenty miles each way. What we fisherman will do for a few walleyes.
  3. Went out tues. am and limited out in four hours. Everyone I talked to have scored on walleyes north east of Astabula in 71-74fow down 40-50ft.. That was the good. The bad was when I was ready to take in my planner boards, my out drive came up and wouldn't go down. There was a fisherman near by and he towed me all the way back to Geneva where I keep my boat. After two and a half hours of towing, we made it back to my dock. He would neither take money for the gas nor give me his name. Since he didn't have a name on his boat, this is the only way I can thank him. Thank fisherman. You just prove that most fishermen are good people..... Good fishing.
  4. Glad you found them. I had small problem with my boat and couldn't go out today. I heard the walleyes art 50 mark out of Geneva as well. Since that's where I keep my boat, it might be a little closer for me. One of the boats came in with 6 nice eyes. He was using Straight A bombers and worm harnesses. Boat is fixed now and will try tomorrow. Let you know.
  5. Just got in from fishing out of Geneva. Most of the fisherman are after the perch which have schooled in 55fow just east of Geneva. I wanted to find where those walleye were. 11.2 miles east of Geneva in 69-71fow. Fished with lead line and weights on line to get down to bottom. only fished for 11/2 hours but landed four eyes, lost two and missed a half doz. hits. Not to bad. Feel better now.
  6. I went down to Geneva today to clean boat and maybe go out for a couple of hours. Talking to some of the captains and other fisherman, the schools of walleye and perch have left the area. One of the charter captains came in with nine perch. While I was there, one other charter came in with one walleye. ????
  7. Made it out Sat. mid morn. around 9:30. Started fishing in 50fow and trolled north west out of Geneva. Didn't have any action till we hit 68 fow. Picked up most in 69fow. Most of the eyes were in 4-5lbs. I tried small spoon and worm harnesses with most luck on worms. The problem we had was the lines were not releasing from planer boards. Must have had a doz. or more hits on the worms with out releases. When we got back to dock, there were two other boats coming in. They fished 70-71 fow and had some fish Ohio eys. All in all, good day. Fish are moving in to Geneva.
  8. I put my boat in the water at Geneva Marina the 10th of May and have been out of town till now. Just called to see if the eyes were in and they said they are in 32' trolling. plan to go out this Friday and will tell you more.
  9. Looking for the eyes out of Fairport. It seems everyone is going after the jumbo perch now and forgot about the eyes. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  10. Finally found nice school of walleye north of Fairport in 72/74 fow 47 foot down. Most of the fish were 3/4 lbs. with an occational 5/6lbs . Water still choppy but worth the ride. We fished from 10:30am to 12:30 and caught two under limit. Not bad for mid day fishing.
  11. I plan on going out for the first time this weekend around Mentor. Heard the fish were in around twenty/thirty feet. Is this the area you caught your Eyes in
  12. Went out on Sunday. Started to troll west of Kelley between Kelley and South bass Island. Picked up five walley between 2-4 lbs. Because of the NW winds, decided to give drifting a try for while SW of Middle Island. Picked up 8 more between 5 to 8 lbs. Trolling picked up all fish on one lure- red/copper small spoon. Drifting all on gold nugget with worm. Not to bad for first time out. Waiting for fish to move East towards Cleveland and Fairport.
  13. I went out of Fairport north east 30 degrees, and didn't hit the eyes till I got into 72 foot of water. I fished for two hours and caught four eys, a doz. or so large white bass and lost one steelhead. Since I was by myself, had to do a lot of maneuvering to land fish. Most on dipsy 170 feet back on number 2 and large jet diver (50') 220 back. Fish are there but scattered.
  14. We got up to Olcott on the 6th and had one of the best days of fishing we had in 18 year of Lake Ontario fishing. The fisher has has really come alive. We went out on Friday, July 6th at seven am and by eleven am had our limit of mixed bag of steelies and kings. We fished for an extra hour and thru back at least six more fish. That evening we went out for two hours and landed five kings and lost three because of bad leader we had just purchased before we left for Ontario. Most of the fish came on a double green glow Stinger spoon. We have all heard the old saying " You should have been here yesterday" . Well, that whole weekend was Yesterday. Everyone was catching fish. The best part of it all, all the fish came in 55 to 110 foot of water about two miles outside of Olcott. Our 2nd day we caught Browns, Lakers, Kings, Cohos, and Steelies all in the same area. Great fishing!
  15. hello! I'm Bob and fish both Fairport area and Western Lake Ontario. Fishing for walleye has been great this year.Largest caught by my son trolling was a 32.5 inch,11 plus pounds. Largest steelhead was caught by my 12 year old grand son 28 inch 8lbs. The only fish Ohio I caught so far this year was an old ugly sheephead weighing in over eight pounds. Going to try out Olcott next week for salmon. Any one know how they are doing and what , where and hows. Thanks, Bob
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