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  1. Seats, one pedestal base and one seat base are sold. Still available: 4 Tite Loks w/ bases 2 Seat bases 1 pedestal base 2 Misc rod holders Transom saver and nav lights.
  2. Misc rod holders, seats and seat pedestals for sale. $20 each for seat, base and ped combo. $5.00 each for Tite Lok and other rod holders (bases free w/ holders). $10.00 for transom saver. Make an offer on any other combo. P.M. me to discuss. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/seats_2.jpg' alt='seats_2.jpg'>
  3. 6 RAM holders. In good shape and very heavy duty. $15/each ($90 for all 6) Prefer to sell all at once. These go for $50-60/each brand new. P.M. me to discuss. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/ram_holders.jpg' alt='ram_holders.jpg'>
  4. POWERWINCH Deck Mate 25 Boat Anchor Windlass 50 lb capacity LED light 12 volt $150 OBO P.M. Me to discuss. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/power_winch_1.jpg' alt='power_winch_1.jpg'>
  5. Right on! Looking forward to it Dave. You have to be excited as well to be able to fish on moderately choppy days w/o being soaked or dressed in rain gear on a crystal clear day! Or being chased off the lake when the fishing is good. I was doomed to replace my aluminum from the first day I started fishing with Shane aboard Motion Show. I always thought I'd hate the big boat thing...but I am not seeing a down side yet. Hope to add to the WMFL list next year.
  6. Ditto all the comments here. Great sponsorship; good organization Jon! Great group of guys. Had fun fishing on Motion Show (Thanks Capt Shane)...see you all next year.
  7. Big Weenie Brand of course! Love their flies and the names always get a chuckle out of me! Can't beat those tournament tie rigs either....been tying my own.
  8. My buddy Nick and I took the kids out for their first fishing trip on the new boat...picked the right day of the weekend anyway! Fishing was slower Sunday morning than what it has been for us out of Holland. Fished north of Tunnel Park in 75-110 fow; set lines around 7:00 and fished to noon or so. 2/4 -6-7 lb king ???? Not sure what that came on...Nick? -25 lb king on wire diver back 150 w/ 10" Live Wire SD and Proctologist fly (this has been a great combo on the riggers and divers)! Kids tag teamed this one. Thanks Nick for all the help! That's Nick in the pic with the kids and the big fish. -Lost a fish on the 200 copper w/ meat plug. -Lost a decent fish at the back of the boat on high diver back 130 with 10" Live Wire SD & Monkey Puke meat rig. A tough one for an 8 yr old...but he had fun trying. Dropped off Nick and my step son; picked up my wife at the launch at 1:30 and anchored up south of Holland on a sand bar and swam with the kids for a few hours. Kids love the boat! Wife is digging it a little too, so only thing to be bummed about is its nearly the end of the season.
  9. Agree with Mark...it has been coming and going out of Holland; but the fish have had bait in them and my sonar was showing massive balls of bait with hooks around it last Thursday...and the fish were aggressively feeding. Not sure what to think about the bait...hoping the balance that is there this year at least holds steady for the next couple of years...then maybe we'll see where this is all going to lead.
  10. 1996 18' Lund Alaskan (owned since 2007); wetlands camo 1996 60 HP Mercury 2 Stroke outboard; (oil inject) tiller steer 2002 6 HP Nissan 4 stroke kicker motor purchased new from Van's Marine Panther Marine tie rods to fix Mercury and Nissan engines together and to boat frame for stable trolling. 2011 Minn Kota Terrova 80 w/ iPilot and remote (works great as autopilot for trolling) 3 batteries (2 Cabelas AGM's dedicated for Minn Kota (2011) On board Minn Kota 3 bank battery charger (2011) 2 Cannon Uni Troll HP manual downriggers w/ weights. Two custom Al pedestals on Berts track for easy removal. 2 custom Al pedestals w/ dual Berts ratcheting rod holders (1 per side) 2 Berts Vertical swiveling rod trees w/ top net holder (1 per side) Lowrance HDS 5 Sonar/GPS (2010) Cobra marine radio 12 gallon fuel tank (upgraded 3 years ago); 3 gallon fuel tank for kicker engine; Mercury fuel filter/water separator 800gph auto bilge New flooring and gunwale shelf (upgraded 3 years ago) 3/4 exterior plywood wrapped in vinyl w/ polyurethane adhesive and s.s. staples; custom storage cabinets added for battery and tackle storage; LED courtesy lighting. Std nav lights. 3 seats and bases (rear/tiller seat pulls out for more floor space while trolling). Single axle 1996 Trailmaster trailer w/ brand new LED lights, new wire harness, 3 yr old Carlisle tires (and a spare), and new carpeted bunks (this year). Stored indoors. Cosmetic scratches only...dry hull. Have been trolling Lake MI for salmon in this boat for 5 years....this is a great starter rig that is all set to troll for walleye or salmon. Just add tackle. This boat fishes two to three guys and 6-9 rods easily. Quickly remove the riggers and rod holders to open up the sides and use the Minn Kota iPilot to electronically anchor for perch, jigging for salmon or walleye, or slipping with the current in a river. http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/boa/4037381925.html
  11. Fished the 3+1 in the new boat. Everything is working great; still don't have the fishhawk rigged up yet. Here is a rough break down...lots of other boats did as well or better. Congrats to Motion Show on the 1st place and big fish (25#)! Also to Ben'den Rods and Squirrel Cage. What a great season it has been! 7/11; 5 nice kings, (1) 7 lb coho, 1 shaker king. Didn't get our trout but 3 kings were over 50# with 17.2 being our largest...lost at least one that would be pushing 20. 65-80 fow south of Holland (sliders to Saugy); 75 was Hot North and South trolls at 2.3-2.6 SOG worked for us Hit all of our fish from 6:30 - 8:30 and hits often coming in doubles; our meat program died quickly at sunset. Should have pulled them and set up glow plugs and spoons for the fun to continue. High divers 120-150 back w/ 10" UV Showtime or Black/Crush-glow SD and meat rigs took several strikes...lost track to be honest. 4 kings. Low/Wire Divers 100 back w/ 10" Live Wire SD & Proctologist took 2-3 hits. 1 king. Rigger w/ green splatter back plug (down 50) took a hit. Lost. 250 copper w/ blue flounder pounder took 1. 1 shaker. 200 copper w/ green ladder back meat plug took 2 rips. landed 1 coho.
  12. Pretty excited ...am the proud owner of a '91 Pursuit 2150 Express Cuddy. 4.3 liter Mercruiser engine and drive. Raymarine autopilot, a couple of Lowrance units, Canon Uni Mag 10's, a bimini w/ eglas, and a canvas cover. Been out in it twice (LOVE IT) and will see what we can do in the Holland 3+1 on Thursday. Haven't decided on a name yet and may not until next spring. Just been working on the layout and preparing to sell my '96 18' Lund Alaskan, which has been a great (although unintentional) starter boat for great lakes trolling. Hope it will serve someone else as well. Will post some details or a craigslist link on the Lund if anyone is interested by the holiday weekend.
  13. Agreed that evening bite can be tough...mostly at sunset...but occasionally, like last Friday very good all evening. Out of Holland in a new boat for a 2.5 hour trip to try to get a feel for the new rig and went 6/11. Fished 6:00-8:30 with first fish as we were setting the first rigger....fishing continued to be strong throughout until sunset and we had to go to have a crew member home on time for family. Isn't normally like that so early for me, but it seems to be like many have mentioned this year...set down on active pods of fish with bait around and WATCH OUT! Take a look at this Lowrance. Water inside and outside of this was much slower with fewer marks. One of my lessons learned is to spend a little time slowing down and using the Lowrance to spot bait/fish before totally committing to a depth. Will be doing more of that. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/img_20130823_200602_585.jpg' alt='img_20130823_200602_585.jpg'>
  14. Launched at 5:30 after waiting in line awhile...very busy with the good fishing and the tournament in Saugatuck. A good friend was in his boat with a son and son's friend. I had another of his boys and boy's girlfriend on board. Cody and Liz did great! http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/img_20130810_095320_842.jpg' alt='img_20130810_095320_842.jpg'> Motored north, most of the way to Port Sheldon. Set up in 75 fow to check that predawn. Found one laker there as we were setting lines. Was quiet until we hit 118 on our NW troll. We circled (sometimes due to boat traffic) running north and south troll or nw/se trolls through 118 - 130 from Port Sheldon to Tunnel Park. Action slowed by 10:00 leaving us 7/8. Cold water was up higher than my last outing....50 foot range. Laker came on wire diver back 150 (1.5) mountain dew spinny and proctoligist fly. 250 copper with blue flounder pounder took 5 hits...landed 4 (7-16 lb kings) Rigger down 50 with blue dolphin looking spinny and blue/glow meat rig took 2 great rips with a 16 and an 18 lb king. Troll speed was the nutty part....I typically run 2.5-3.2 at the ball (mostly 2.5 - 2.8). Could not buy a bite above 2.4 at the ball....2.0-2.2 seemed best.
  15. Agreed....my 02 Silverado has to be in park and cycle the dome override 3 times and they go into manual mode.
  16. Out of Holland last night....7:00 - 10:15. Started just north of the sliders. Trolled SW, W and NW from 70 to 196 and then back (ENE) in to 170-180 where the fish were. Nothing until sunset in 170-185 fow; then 3 for 3. 1 Laker 140 down on rigger with a meat plug (NW troll). 1 small king on the 300 copper/Mag U of M Frog (NW troll). 1 decent king on 100 copper/MS Half Moon Mongolian Beef as we were pulling lines (50-60 deg troll). The big hen king was full of bait. Awesome night on the water. Lots of floating debris including some nasty, large sticks and logs floating just south of Holland in 100-140 fow....seemed better just north of Holland. Hoping for some better fishing for Kids N Kings! http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/4/5/8/img_20130620_212256_7911.jpg' alt='img_20130620_212256_7911.jpg'>
  17. You know...I have an 18' Lund Alaskan that was intended to fish inland lakes and occasionally play with the big boys on Lake MI. Hah! So addicted to the salmon fishing though, I have been trying to decide the best strategy for upgrading to a larger vessel. Obviously cheaper route seems to be finding an older Pursuit, Slickcraft or similar model; but when I read threads like this I wonder about buying something new...until I see the price tag on those! Damned if you do....damned if don't.
  18. I can respect being a salmon snob; to each his own. I used to be a trout snob (fly fishing only). Living in MI has opened up lots of opportunities! The salmon and steelies are a heck of a lot more fun to catch! Just nothing compares to those devastating rigger and dipsy strikes or a copper that just screams out a bunch of backing! But I find the lake trout very edible off the smoker as well. Being relatively new to trolling in the great lakes (and not a MI native), I think many take the lake and what diversity it has for granted. Would have killed growing up as a kid in PA to have such easy access to catching a slug of lakers, kings, cohos or steelhead. Instead we had 14 inch walleye and 10 inch trout. My kids love seeing one of those big slobs hit the floor of the boat! After all it is challenging to target and be successful on multiple species...if there were walleye, stripers, musky or some Wicked Tuna in Lake Michigan (hey...just sayin ), I'd have to go figure that out just to satisfy my great curiosity and love for this big pond and its fishes!
  19. Was out of Holland Sunday morning through early afternoon. fished from 80 - 180. 2 lakers. Marked some fish in 120-130 taking one laker and took the other in 85-90 fow. Slow fishing, but one guy was talking about a couple of 12 lb kings taken in 90 fow.
  20. What street or marina is the St Joe public ramp on? Never used it, but would like to give the coho a try down there this year...at least once.
  21. No huge projects, but a lot of little projects for the little boat: Ditch Bag w/ handheld radio. Better gph bilge w/ auto switch. Upgrading Proos manual riggers to Canon manuals. Gonna love that 2-1 retrieve and clutch system. Adding 50, 100, 150, 200 45# coppers. Changing 32# 250, 300, 350, & 400 coppers to 45# Blood Run. Added a pair of TX44's from the Outdoorsman. Finishing the wooden battery/tackle storage cabinets built last year with vinyl to match the flooring. Replacing old carpeted trailer bunks with new boards and carpet. And there will be more I'm sure, but it is getting very close to hitting the water so this may have to do for this year.
  22. From what I've heard from some captain's fishing these larger tournaments is that spoons will catch numbers of fish (and they have for me out of Holland); but flasher/flies, meat, and plugs are more consistent for large fish (as required for 333). Maybe this means you catch fewer fish, especially dependent on your port and time of year, but there definitely seems to be something to it. Will be using that as a strategy this year on my boat.
  23. Last year I ran wire mag dipsy at 1-1.5 (out 150-220) with 400 copper and 300 copper on walleye boards on one side; same thing on the other side with 350 and 250 coppers....only time we had trouble was when we tried to add a high diver on 3 (120-160) into the mix (Not Good)....so we stopped running a high diver. I could definitely see the benefit of the TX44 (based on what I've heard on GLF), regardless of running 2 divers per side w/ a deep copper or not....the walleye boards are truly limited with those deep coppers! All it took a couple of times was a really good fish on the wire diver or rigger and they could even find the inside copper and make a mess. So, I tend to run my boards waaaaaaay out to the delight of those who get to real them in! I think we will pick up a couple of the TX44's and just manage the use of 4 divers and 4 coppers a little better. Thought would be to not run the deep coppers when we run high divers (early morning/late evening); but when we pull the high divers and deploy the deep coppers, the TX44's should aid in the potential for tangles. Short coppers or cores on the outside w/ walleye boards. Does that make sense?
  24. Do you have to run TX44's and inside and out or can you stay with the standard walleye board on the outside with a shorter copper?
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