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  1. Fished Thursday night from PS; just south of piers in 80-110 from 6:30 to 9:30. 7 for 10 with 5 being between 5 and 7.5 lbs and 2 smaller fish. Several other boats did a little better in 110-130 with some 9-10 lbers as well as a 15 and 18. 300 copper took 2 hits/lost both on JJ MacMuffin M.S. Rigger down 35 was 3 for 4 on Glow X-Mas Stinger Other Rigger down 35 took 1 on Nuked Veggie Stinger 7 color took 2 on Mixed Veggie Stinger Braided Dipsy on 3 back 120 w/ Blue Crush SD and No SeeUm Fly took 1
  2. Very good...I have a few of the scooter clips. Have been running my leads longer this year on riggers....30' to 50' and having much greater success. Used to run 10'-15' leads max no matter how deep I put the ball. Last question, do you run the same length leader on the scooter clip/slider or go much shorter?
  3. New to this site and somewhat new to salmon trolling (3rd year). When you say a slider at 50 down....is that the depth of the slider or ball? Are you using fixed sliders or free sliders? How long or short do the leaders typically run....same as at the ball or significantly shorter? Thanks for any info...gotta say this site is pretty awesome. Going out tonight out of PS and will post how we do.
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