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  1. If it helps I have 4 more heads to add to the list...we're committed....triple checked with the bosses!
  2. Yeah, the 3+1 rules were just not liberal enough for that stray walleye Shane! A true shame. Trying to talk Shane into some winter night fishing on Muskegon Lake and figuring that out. Too cold he says! That would be a good time though in all seriousness. Good deal, I will work on some harnesses after Christmas. I have a reasonable collection of std streaks as well as a couple of lite bite slide divers I've been playing with for salmon and steelies. Unfortunately we have some time to kill before May and June roll around. Let's stay in touch and discuss dates later in 2013. Let us know how far out you need to plan Tony. Appreciate all the help Tony! From the sounds of it, I have a feeling a may be making regular pilgrimages to yet another great lake after this spring.
  3. Appreciate all the replies;and thanks so much for the specifics on the ports. Sounds like I need to figure out if I'm going to hit the river in the early season or wait till June for the Bay. Or maybe both! I am getting excited for it already. I may take you up on that offer to learn a little on Saginaw as that cooler of eyes looks pretty tasty! Couple of questions: I have 2 used Master 180 reels (spooled with 17 lb Big Game mono), 2 Magda Pro 20 DX's (spooled with 17 lb Big Game mono), and 2 Magda Pro 30 DX's (spooled with 50 lb Power Pro). I also have a couple of Diawa Sealines rigged with 2-3 colors of Lead for SWRs for salmon. Good enough to start with for trolling spoons or harnesses? I have very little for spoons, harnesses or bottom bouncers...any input on putting together a small start up kit on each of the items listed? How heavy on the bouncers (1 oz, 2oz). Looking for some local favorites for brands, sizes. I think I have a small collection of stinger and ministreak spoons for coho and early season salmon that should work. See a lot about purple in the reports...don't have much of that. My boat is currently set up to run 4 boards per side plus riggers or dipsies; sounds like with 3 people on board (most convenient) I would be best to stick to 3 boards per side? Sorry for the barrage.
  4. Starting to plan a walleye trip for next spring or early summer. Was thinking Saginaw bay or Detroit river. Would be bringing my father in from Pennsylvania for 3-4 days and taking my 18' Lund over, but thought once I narrowed down the place and date, that a charter might be a good way to start the trip and learn a lot about the local water and methods. Would also make a nice X-Mas present for the old man. He is mostly a jig and drifting harness (or casting cranks) guy on inland lakes in PA; seems like this is not used much at all on Saginaw despite the water depths being perfect for it. Any reason for this on Saginaw...even after fish are located? I have enough trolling experience now with trolling Lake MI that we can figure that out if needed. Any input on locations, time of year for some decent size fish, and charter recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Didn't realize there were king salmon in Erie. Are they wandering in from Ontario or Huron or being planted there in New York (Erie) tribs?
  6. I agree completely.Attached is a pic of my HDS from this past Wed. We marked tons of bait and fish all evening....caught two 4 yr olds. As the evening progressed, what was closer to bottom came up and looked like this. No takers despite all of our efforts to change baits, depths, speed, dir, etc. Will be making an effort to skirt the edges next time.
  7. Perfect evening to be on the water, but we weren't terribly sure where to start so we motored NW of Holland (around tunnel park) at about 5:30 pm. Started in 80 fow on 330 troll. Played with trolling direction from 360 to 270, not marking much despite the nice scum lines we kept crossing. Picked up one small king in 120ish w/o marking much so we kept going to 210 fow. After listening to a little of the talk on the radio, decided to try to salvage the night and pulled rods at 8:00 pm; motored SE to the sliders and worked 128-140 fow on 135 to 220 troll....still slow. Lots of bait and salmon on the sonar though compared to the desert that we had left. Slowed down to a 2.3-2.4 sog and turned east half way through the magic sunset period...on the turn we picked up a small laker on 300 copper w/ MD SD and yellow fly; as we were about to net that fish we took a solid hit on the wire dipsy back 110 w/ UV SD and fly...landed the 5 lb laker and about a 12-14 lb king. Immediately after netting that king a rigger went with UV paddle and fly...6 lb king. Reset and turned west back through the 110-120 fow area picking up another nice 10-12 lb king on the same rigger. 5 for 5....not bad for such a shaky start! Some other boats picking up some dandy 17-20 lb kings in the same area. Will be working on the house this weekend so good luck to all who get out.
  8. Very nice! If you launched from the DNR ramps, how was the water depth around the creek mouth? About the same as last year or getting tighter? Haven't been out of PS yet this year (Holland several times) but have a small amateur tournament that will start up there next Thursday and we have some large boats putting in. Heard it was getting worse.
  9. Sorry...misunderstood your post as I am reading and working from home at the same time...will do that Friday when I get back to fish.
  10. Awesome...didn't have the materials to do that yesterday morning when I was there. Appreciate the effort man!
  11. Checked this morning at 8:00 am; gone. Looks like a trip to Gander Mountain.
  12. Didn't realize it was missing until today....no # on it.
  13. Good thought...I guess its not any more hopeful than putting your name and number on planer boards right! My own fault...got in a hurry to get home.
  14. Was out of Holland Sunday morning from 6:30 - 11:00. Fished 175-185 mostly; 9 for 10 with two kings, two shakers and 5 nice cohos. Sounds like the bigger kings were in tight...but still a great day and good eating! I did however manage to leave a small tote (white lid) on the freezer in the DNR cleaning station. Contained multiple fillet and deboning knives...mostly Rada cutlery, a sharpener and some ziplocks. If anyone using this site found it, I'd appreciate a p.m. or reply.
  15. The X4 was on sale at the Outdoorsman in Jenison for $559. I left with one last Friday.
  16. So I have been pondering the same question.....if, when and which unit to invest in as a fishing tool; FINALLY chose the Fishhawk X4. Very nice unit so far...mounting it on my 18 foot Lund, and the one issue is where to place the transducer. The Outdoorsman (where I purchased it) recommended (as does the installation manual) placing it on the opposite side of my transom from my Lowrance HDS 5 transducer. I have my Lowrance mounted on the left side of the transom on a mounting plate, main engine on center, kicker engine on the right. If I place a mounting plate for the X4 on the right side, it almost has to go between the main and kicker engines. I am concerned that this could create interference with turbulent water from the kicker at least for the surface speed transducer (which isn't all that critical), but if it does mess with the probe signal, I have mounted a plate that is useless. I am thinking of mounting the display and wiring next to the right side rigger, crossing the transom with the wiring and giving the transducer a try on the same plate as my Lowrance. Worst case I can add the second plate later with very little effort if it doesn't work out. Any input or lessons learned from other X4 & small boat users?
  17. Don't have one myself but has anyone experimented with clipping a Fishhawk TD onto a core or copper with DB attached to get actual depths...especially when experimenting with where the DB gets clipped on?
  18. Great event...will be back next year. Nice to meet Larry, Dave and Ben. I left with a few faces to go w/ names as well. Great talking to you guys. Nick and I left w/ 5 each BLL spoons to try in our amateur tournaments this year. Can't wait to get them wet.
  19. I also purchased the Terrova 80 lb (24volt) last year. Started fishing the big lake 3 years ago in my used 18 foot Lund Alaskan. I have a 60 hp tiller steer Merc and a 6hp Nissan kicker. Last season was amazing having that much control, being able to walk away from the tiller. Bought the Terrova and 2 AGM Cabelas batts at Cabelas in IN; ask for someone in boat service if you go there....that guy hooked me up with wiring, fittings, fuses, and everything went together awesome. Like Erik's set-up I tied my main engine to the kicker with a ball/socket joint strut, I bungee the main engine to the side of the boat to keep it roughly centered...use the kicker for 70-80% of the thrust and put the Terrova down. The autopilot feature was phenomenal to keep you on course and the cruise control helps maintain your speed. The remote makes everything hands free...I keep the foot pedal in the boat, stored for emergencies. You do have to be careful when changing directions/trolling across strong current changes...going from into the waves at 3.2 sog and then turning will potentially allow the cruise control to dial down the thrust or turn it off completely at which point you lose your steering and course. For whitefish in the piers, walleye and perch fishing, I found the electronic anchor to be absolutely awesome. Great boat control feature that allows you to do a lot more fishing. Good luck.
  20. Left the launch at 6:30 and motored to 250 fow. Takes awhile in an 18 footer w/ a 60 hp! Trolled west and east. 3.2-3.4 sog seemed best although we nailed a nice fish on a dipsy when we slowed down once trying to fix a bow mount issue. Found a series of slicks or scum lines from 250 to 260 fow with a large one in 255. Went 13 for 16 with 1 triple and two doubles working those slicks. Some nice steelies, a couple decent kings, 1 laker and the rest small kings/coho (not very good at telling the difference). Best day on my boat ever! Big thanks to Motion Show for the scouting report and Tangled Mess for the input as well. Nice to meet Dave Ash, CrowHunter, and Holland Piper at the fish cleaning station. Small spoons ruled! Regular stingers and mini streaks. riggers from 55 to 75 too fish on lemon ice took 3; tried down to 140 w/ no takers although we marked fish from 80-150 down. 250 copper w/ mod coyote took 4 350 copper w/ purple glow tiger took 3 300 copper w/ mixed veggie took 3 wire dipsy back 110 on #2 w/ took 3
  21. That would be me....Rapala hand held scale...left it there last Thursday night. Thanks for picking it up....figured it was gone. I will be hopefully fishing out of PS on Thursday and Holland on Sat for the Gold Coast Tourney....any chance you will be in the area?
  22. Launched a little late this morning, but got out and set down in 110 fow on a s/sw troll. Didn't pound bottom for lakers...as we wanted to try to find some kings. No probe so I ran lines from 40 to 100 down and covered water. Probably stayed in too close for too long. Turned due west at 8:00 am and found a 12# lb king in 170 fow on the brand new 350 copper and craigs x- mas (took 3 weeks to get it but love the 32# blood run compared to my old howies set up; they did throw in a couple of extras for the long wait). Proceeded to S from 170 to 180 picking up another smaller king on a rigger down 65 with a mixed veggie within 20 minutes. Looped around north east heading back to holland as we had to be in by 11 am. As we got back into 170's the lowrance lit up and shortly after a steelhead took the full core with a green/glow frog, a rigger popped with a glow-xmas down 80 (nice king), and the 350 copper takes of with the craig's xmas again (first triple). With a little fancy footwork on the 18 footer, all 3 fish came on board. Now that was fun! Would have loved to stayed and worked that water some more, but we had to go...so we pulled and left with 4 kings and nice steelie. Beautiful out there today...happy 4th!
  23. Wrong Jason I think. I am on my first and only boat...18' Line Alaskan in a very stylish wetlands camo... Thanks...getting better at consistency. Looking forward to some good July fishing. Sea fleas were bad last night. Have heard that wire divers stay cleaner...should be adding a couple of these and a few blood run copper set-ups this week.
  24. Fished 5:30 to dark...4 for 4, all kings. 3 on riggers down 65 and 85/glow x-master & flounder pounder. 1 on 300 copper/Mongolia beef. Took 2 over 150 fow, 2 over 175-180. Ne or se troll @ 3.0 sog.
  25. Had posted this in an incorrect forum...learning at everything to do with this sport. Will make an effort to post...great site w/ some very helpful people. Fished Thursday night from PS; just south of piers in 80-110 from 6:30 to 9:30. 7 for 10 with 5 being between 5 and 7.5 lbs and 2 smaller fish. Several other boats did a little better in 110-130 with some 9-10 lbers as well as a 15 and 18. 300 copper took 2 hits/lost both on JJ MacMuffin M.S. Rigger down 35 was 3 for 4 on Glow X-Mas Stinger Other Rigger down 35 took 1 on Nuked Veggie Stinger 7 color took 2 on Mixed Veggie Stinger Braided Dipsy on 3 back 120 w/ Blue Crush SD and No SeeUm Fly took 1
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