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  1. Ill be on the water in the morning and and feel free to call Kingfish on the radio on ch 68 or 72 if I'm on the water we r I have no problem helping you out. I'm probly starting out in 70fow and working out till I hit fish then Ill work that water. If you find a pod of fish stay on them
  2. A lot of guys are switching to 200# power pro and have had no problems I have seen it ran and seems to work good
  3. Most of the the time I run my l leaders about 2-3 time the length of the flasher and that works most of the summer I do have a few flys that I found works better with a leader of 4ft but for the most part 20-30 inches works good.
  4. 3/32 is the right size and I found it at home depot. It help go through the eyes better and allow u to put a small swivel to tie your leader to
  5. Another vote for the Amish beefy bags have had them for over 3 years and have never had a problem and when i storlle them i toss them in the bottom of the boat and cant even see any sign of wear.
  6. Dreavweaver 11" white paddle with crush glow tape for either fly and keep it close to bottom work great all year long
  7. P-line in 25# or 30# works ausome never had a problem in two seasons. I ran 25# on my riggers in clear blue and 30# in clear for my high divers didn't break off hardly any last year and the ones that did break was due to human error.
  8. 11" white paddle with crush glow tape on both sides with a pickled sunshine rapture fly on the deep rigger. I have that set up on almost every trip and it normally does not come off at all
  9. Thats another vote for the fish hawk. I have no problem with it in 3 seasons just put new batteries every season and good to go.
  10. It depends on the day but but in the spring I like to run 2.5-3.2 from my prob, usually 2.7-2.9 works best almost all season long.
  11. A lot of time in the spring I like to run a little faster to cover more water because the fish are generally spread out. Last season in April the fish were really deep 150-250 fow. Usually I like to run almost all spoons but will always run 1 or 2 flashers or spinnies because u never now when that day will be when flies will be the hottest thing in the water. Greens, blues, orange and don't be staid to try all sizes of spoons, had a lot of coho hit mag spoons early in the year.
  12. It's ausome stuff haven't had a problem with it only time I had problems was when I got something wrapped into it even then just cut it off and and started over but never had a problem with break off all season.
  13. The grease traps by big weenie also work very well with a spin n glow on the bottom. I think the true key is to go as slow and you can and keep your stuff bouncing bottom.
  14. I run 30# clear p-line on all of my leaders for copper and lead then I run 40# gamma floracarbon for my fly leads never had a problem with bites.
  15. For me the one lure that went out every trip this year was the big white paddle with a hypnotist fly on the deep rigger.
  16. Try starting in the sand docks or work the shallow water just out of the pier running green, crome, pearl with black dots, and wonderbread plugs all have been good
  17. Trolling bags are the way to go Amish make some great bags, and really makes for a nice ride in rough weather. With my 22" bags I can get my 21ft slick down to 1.5 mph to even troll for walleye.
  18. Stay under 100 fow went 6/14 from 50-70 down plugs, paddle and flys, and spinnies and flys, everything this morning was some green and more green.
  19. 11 out of 10 don't know how to fish anymore with out it.
  20. The quicker u can get them blead out the better.
  21. 25# p-line in smoke blue works great all year long and it is strong enough to pull in a few tree branches that I managed to snag. Havent broke off in 3 years.
  22. I have one that I stick up by my cabin and it and amlost keeps the flies of my 21 footer. Love it.
  23. Marked a lot of bait Tuesday mornin in 40 fow out to 140. I'm going in the morning out of muskegon and planning on setting up in 40 fow and pointing NNW till I find fish. Boat name kingfish and ill be on ch 68 if u want to call me.
  24. White paddles and flies on the riggers 65 and 85 down took probly 15 hits on them this morning between 135 and 180 fow
  25. 27# lead core averages about 5 feet don per color, so a full core would be ten colors would be about 50 feet down.
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